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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bad Xian Btches

By now you know how much I HATE the American Family ASSociation.  If you have followed my blogs you know that my tracking of false prophets started when they successfully censored the NBC series Book of Daniel. Their goal is simple: if you or any part of the culture does not fit into their narrow, bigoted view ofthe world, you will be targeted until you are destroyed.

Their main weapon is financial blackmail.  Threaten advertisers with boycott until they remove their spots from the offending program. You know, the same strategy used to try to get Rush Limbaugh off radio.  And you know how THAT worked out.

You see evil only works when evil wields it.

Take the TV series GCB, the spoofy soap that poked gentle fun of Dallas' Righteous Flock.  Problem is that the AFA can't take a joke.  So they sent out their own good Xian bitches (Actually, the original title was to be Good Christian Bitches...I refuse to give these Tupelo bovines any connection with the actual "C" because...well, refer to Galatians 6:7. GCB mocks hypocrites, not Christ) to terrorize advertisers.

Again, it worked.

ABC dumps anti-Christian 'GCB' show after one season

Fleeing advertisers and low ratings doomed show from the start
May 14, 2012

Dear Donald,
ABC network has announced it is cancelling "GCB" and will not run it for a second season.
A Christian-bashing version of ABC's now defunct "Desperate Housewives," GCB centered on a recently divorced mother of two who moved back to the affluent neighborhood where she grew up to find herself in the whirling midst of gossip, Botox and fraud.
In later episodes, ABC didn't miss an opportunity to show its bigotry and hatred toward Christianity.

AFA led the efforts against GCB with an initial petition to ABC, asking it to not air the mockery. It was signed by 130,000 Action Alert supporters.
After the series began airing, AFA's ministry regularly contacted advertisers, who pulled advertising support from the show, resulting in lost revenue by the network.

Suffice it to say, the OneMillionCows....errrr Moms are effective (except when it comes to Ellen Degeneres.....but that's another story...).

Now lets talk about those ratings for a second.  According to Nielsen, GCB was averaging 7.4 million viewers per week. That was on par with Desperate Housewives and only slightly smaller than Once Upon a Time. But compare that 7.4 with the dismal 3.7 million the show that was in that spot Pan Am was getting, then it could not possibly be ratings.

The AFA/OMM blackmail campaign has worked again.  I wonder, though, if these heavenly hucksters will be as enthusiastic about ABC's replacement.  666 Park Avenue, basically where the rental agreement is truly a contract with the devil.

Yes. They replaced God with Satan on the ABC schedule.  And if the OneMillionMoms are not up in arms about this.....makes ya wonder who really IS controlling the AFA. other thing, if you want to help get GCB back on the schedule, go to I'm not usually a fan of online petitions, but these people seem to have the right heart about it.  Mention the numbers we quoted and the OMM's blackmail campaign...and pass it around.  As of this blogging, they have nearly the 38,000 of the 100k signatures they're looking for.  Even Perez Hilton has come on board.

The Tupelo Twits love to "send a message" with their boycott threats.  It would be nice of, for once, they get the proper reply.

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