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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What boycott??

The FlushRush campaign continues at full speed.  Powered mainly by MediaMatters of America, my fellow progressives are like Ruby on Once Upon a Time.  They're smelling blood, they're turning into wolves, and they're ready to pounce.

Their weapon? Basically blackmailing any sponsor they can find to get them to pull their ads from the Limbaugh program.  Someone said that the number is about 140.  That's literally more sponsors than commercials on that show.

But how successful IS the boycott?

Depends on whether or not you live in New York City.

Media Matters does say that a more reasonably sounding 52+ have bolted, and daily they post what they monitor from Rush's flagship, WABC/New York.

Now this blog is being written on Wednesday, March 14, 2012.  Here is the list of spots that ran on Rush's show this afternoon in the first two spot breaks:

Hour 1, commercial break 2

  • The Small Business Authority in association with the Corporate Tax Network
  • Imus in the Morning promo
  • New York City Correction Officers' Benevolent Association
  • John Batchelor Show promo
  • U.S. Army (, and the Ad Council

Hour 1, commercial break 3

[WABC news break]
  • Mark Levin Show promo
  • American Council on Education and Lumina Foundation (, and the Ad Council
  • U.S. Army (, and the Ad Council
  • Promo for Sean Hannity and Jason Mattera radio shows

The sponsors in bold, by the way, are paid ads.

And it seems that business for Rush is pretty sparse in New York.

But in Los Angeles, a different story, maybe?

This morning I was able to catch the first two break inside of Limbaugh's show on his West Coast flagship, KFI/LA via the online IHeartRadio app.  What I heard during the breaks was a much different story.

Remember, the paid ads are in bold.

Hour 1, commercial break 2

  • Attorney Barack Lurie
  • Charter Cable
  • Cars4Causes
  • Amberin
  • An investment product (could not get the name)
Hour 1, commercial break 3

  • Dotavo DSL
  • Regenix
  • Mountain View Tire
  • New American Funding Mortgage
  • The Gold Guys
And on the 2nd break, they loaded up so many commericials, KFI actually rejoined Limbaugh a few moments late.

Also, by the way, the all-bolds on my list were not mistakes.  Everyone in those spot breaks PAID to be on.

Now I am not saying that Eric Bohlert was not hearing what he heard.  I'm just saying he heard it in New York.  Not just in Los Angeles. In the past week, I sampled KNZZ/Grand Junction, CO and KTRH/Houston. All running fully sponsored breaks during Rush.

Which begs to ask the question: If the boycott is not working in Los Angeles, the largest media market in America, if it' not working in smaller markets, if it's not working in conservative enclaves like Houston, ii it's not working in the short, if the Limbaugh boycott is working ONLY in New York City and no where it really working?

Well, is it?

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