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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Ben Gazzara on the Dick Cavett Show (with Cassavettes and Falk)

As you know, the actor Ben Gazzara died yesterday at 81.  My main remberence of him was as an intense actor doing a series for NBC called Run For Your Life, their answer to ABC's The Fugitive.

Between that was Anatomy of a Murder before and Husbands after. Husbands, a collaboration with close friends John Cassevettes and Peter Falk, was a breakthtough drama that, in 1970, ushered in the beginnings of American independent film.

In that year, to promote Husbands, Gazzara, Cassavettes, and Falk appeared as the sole guests on ABC's The Dick Cavett Show.  This 45-minute edition was timed such because of Monday Night Football.  The end result is the raucous, out-of-control show we present below in its entirety. I think it gives you the essence of who Gazzara and his fellows truly were.

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