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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ann Romney Drives TWO Cadillacs. And your point...?

Conservatives and Liberals, in their unending zeal to find the biggest gotcha, usually overlook the REAL story. So the true injustice is overlooked, but they succeed in making their target look silly, which is all they care about anyway.
Take Mitt Romney.

On Thursday, Mitt was doing what all politicians have done from George  Washington to Barack Obama....suck up to the locals.  In this case the locals were in the hard luck state of Michigan, home to a failing auto industry and one of the worst NFL teams ever (OK...GM, Ford, and Chrysler are on the comeback trail, and so are the Lions.....but I digress). In his introduction to the party faithful, Mitt puckered up, extended tongue, and said....

Ok, Mitt's no Ronnie Reagan...few are, but you get the point.

And to many, what it meant was a chance to strike up the "Rich-Republicans-Out-Of-Touch-With-The-99-Percent" meme.  My friend, Karoli for example....

It might be just a tiny bit out of touch to be in a city hit hardest by the recession, one where the candidate was perfectly at peace with allowing the United States auto industry to die a harsh death in 2008, and declare to the audience that Ann Romney drives not one, but two Cadillacs, with a starting price of around $47,000 or so.

First, Mitt's Stepford Wife DOES tool around in a couple of Caddys: Both SRX SUV's...a 2007 and a 2010 ( The MSRP of an SRX in '07 was $37225.  The '10 actually went down in price to $33830. Both according to

But since the 1% supposedly drives Caddies, and the 99% drives Chevys....and since anyone with a brain knows that a Caddy is just a Chevy with nicer trim...let's look at both the current SRX and its twin brother, the Chevy Equinox.

According to both cars websites, the SRX with FWD and standard trim starts at $35,485. The Equinox LTZ AWD  starts at $31,780. Here's the weird part, though.  When you throw in all the options, the Chevy costs MORE than the caddy: $39,625 for the Equinox LTZ, $36.720 for the SRX. Don't believe me? Go to and and play with pricing yourself.

Now granted, if you wedn Performance or Premium trim, you would get closer to Karoli's $44K figure, but that's not the point...the real question...since when did ANY comparable Cadillac cost LESS than and average Chevy?? SINCE WHEN???



Let's face facts, Cadillac has not been an elite car nameplate since, say, 1997.  Remember, Catera...the caddy that zigs?  It Zigged when it should have zagged. And Cadillac has been trying to come back ever since.  If Anne Romney drives to Caddies, it's probably out of loyalty to GM, if for no other reason.

Or in other words....there's so much stuff we CAN pin on Mittens, that what his wife drives seems kinda lame. other thing...

So let me get this straight.  George Romney used to run American Motors.  AMC was purchased years ago by Chrysler who makes Dodge trucks.  You mean to tell me that the son of the man who ran the company you now own...who may very well be the next President of the United longer uses your product?

Sergio Marchionne, your company owns Fiat.  Fiat now owns Chrysler.  Seems you've got a lot of work to do.  A lot.

Just sayin'.

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