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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Light at the end of the tunnel...

It has been quite the 24 hours...two calls from temp agencies, and another two today.  I am a happy far.

First, let me douse a bit of cold water water on me and you.  These are interviews.  I do not have a job as of yet.  They will probably test me on my deteriorating skills and I would be put on call.  But after 14 months of nothing, this is the closest to something I have been through in awhile.

But because of bills (automatic billing sucks sometimes) I'm going to try to live on $5.00 in two days.  If I can get through the next 14 days, i might be able to climb out of the tunnel.

To all who have helped me, thank you so much.  You do not know how much you were able to help me survive this hell.  It looks like it is coming to a close, and I want to do something to thank you.  I just don't know what it will be just  yet...maybe just meeting at a Starbucks.

For those who want to, I will still need help to get through.  You can simply go to the cookie jar at the right of this blog page, or if you are reading this somewhere else, just PayPal to End of donation speech.

Again, I do not know what this will bring, but I made a promise to myself that I would not end up on a pile, a walking cadaver defeated.  It's why I would rather spend time with you than my "contemporaries," because you offer hope.

Hope in terms of my business (Thanks Holly).  Hope in terms of my soul (Thank Tracy and Rio).  Hope in terms of my sprirt (thanks to so many).  Hope in terms of friendship (Thanks Holly, Donna, Tiff, Mike, Tamara, Teri, Rio again, and so so many more.)

And if you allow me a bit of Tebowing, thank you God, for all the people I have mentioned, and many more that I could not, you've placed in my path for a reason.  Many of them were  not your shining lights of virtue.  But they were true and honest and real.  And at the time, they were the people I needed most.  Some were libertines. Some were saintly.  Some even fictional (hi Mayor Mills). But they all had one thing in common...all were parts of me and as a whole they kept me alive so far. we go.  Wish me luck.  Maybe this time I can win one.