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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why I will be doing ALL my Christmas shopping (that I do not do online) at WALGRENS...

They're BACK!

The Wonderful people at the Americam Family ASSociation are back again, targeting (and in some cases THREATENING) companies that do not cram Christmas down the throats of...well...anyone who either does not ahere to the Christian faith (as proscribed by the Neck-less WIldmons), people respectful of other beliefs, or folks just sick and tired of 24-hour ho-ho-ho.

This year's main target....the wonderful folks at America's Drug Store

Yesterday (Tuesday), Walgreens placed a 24-page circular in newspapers all across America. It had all the festive markings of that day known as...Holiday?
It's true! At Walgreens, they advertise "Holiday Candy," "Holiday Gift Tags," "Holiday Gift Wrap," "Holiday Decor," "Holiday Accessories," "Holiday Nuts and Snacks" and "Holiday Hats and Stockings." But no Christmas! In total, Walgreens used the term "holiday" 36 times, rather than using "Christmas."

(Wow...these people have so much time on their hands.  i wonder how much they pay the word counters....)

Oh, the trees advertised in their circular? It's just "Prelit" trees.

(Oh that's I don't have to risk electrocution..)

Go to Walgreens' website and you can shop their "Holiday Shop" and take advantage of their "Holiday Shipping." If you want Christmas, it's not there.

(uh...doo-fi, it's well as Hannukah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, and just plan "gimme my stiff on the 25th.  Ever heard of RESPECT, morons?)

At Walgreens, Christmas doesn't exist! Walgreens wants you to do your "Christmas" shopping with them, while refusing to recognize that Christmas even exists.
Walgreens doesn't want to offend non-Christians by using the word Christmas. The fact that they're censoring the use of Christmas and might offend Christians by doing so seems to be of no importance.


(Actually, this is OUR action..)

1. DO NOT Sign ANY pledge to boycott Walgreens this Christmas season.

2. Call Walgreens' Customer Service at 1-800-289-2273 and let them know you will BUY AS MUCH STUFF AS POSSIBLE their stores this Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzah/Whatever, and THANK THEM for recognizing that there is more than one holiday being celebrated at this time of the year.  Especially thank them if you are a Christian, for respect for other faiths is what God and His Son commands us to do.

3. AFA has released its annual "Naughty or Nice" list of retailers for 2011. Find out how other stores stand in the War on Christmas. (actually, I'll save you the trouble...these are the companies that are NOT being held hostage by the AFA (as well as Bill O'REALLY's private war on repect...

Banana Republic
Barnes & Noble
Foot Locker
Gap Stores
L.L. Bean
Limited Brands
Office Depot
Old Navy
Radio Shack
Supervalu (Albertson's and Lucky)
Victoria's Secret

As well as.... (that includes Conroy's Flowers in L. A.)
Bath & Body Works
Dollar Tree
Hy-Vee Stores
Limited Brands
Safeway (in L. A. its Vons and Pavillions)
Whole Foods

Oh..and next time you are at, you MIGHT want to send them a message letting them know that, as a Christian organization, there are, for instance, there are about 49 million human beings who are suffering through poverty this Christmas.  Your time may be better spent helping them.

Happy holidays.

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