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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Go away, sir.

The frustration level is starting to show from the letters I keep getting from Son Of NoNeck, Little Timmt Wildmon, and the 'phobes over at the American Family ASSociation.

As you probably know, AFA has been targeting The Home Depot since the summer of '10 over it repeated, consistant, and blantant attempts to try to see homomsexuals, bisexuals, and transgenders as....perish the thought...actual human beings.

Since August of 2010, I have been bombarded with AFA e-mails AGAHST at the antics of the more flamboyant participants in Pride activities.

And all of their screeds end with a plea to sign thier petition to boycott Home Depot (more on that in a few paragraphs), and...of course...send money.

I'll leave out the pitch for money and the link to the boycott...and get to the meat of the lastest comminique from Generalissimo Wildmon:

Dear Donald,

Home Depot is showing it wants to advance same-sex
marriage in America. The company is planning to set up a booth at the October
8-9 Gay Pride Festival in Atlanta. The event includes a "Commitment Ceremony" in
which two gays get "married."

This picture was taken at the Atlanta gay
"marriage" ceremony last year. Home Depot paid for printing thousands of
brochures promoting it. Video of last year's ceremony sponsored by Home Depot

Home Depot is also sponsoring the Atlanta pride parade and plans
to march alongside groups like Dykes on Bikes, Queer Femme Revolution and Human
Rights Campaign.

Over one-half million people have
signed the pledge to boycott Home Depot until it agrees to remain neutral in the
culture and political war over homosexual marriage.

Let me point out something. If a boycott is to be sucessful, you have to have a indication that people are no longer supporting the target of the boycott...right?

According to Reuters, The Home Depot same store earnings ROSE....ROSE 4.5%. And with a upbeat holiday forecast, the wily Jim Cramer has gone BOO-YA! on Home Depot stock.

In other words, Tim Wildmon, your boycott is a failure.

I remember several years ago when the anti-legalized-abortion forces were almost winning thier battle, using time-honored grass roots efforts in local areas, until the Randall Terry freakshow came to town, shoving dead feti in the faces of any he can fine. The anti-abortion bandwagon went downhill from there.

And just as Herr Terry became an embarassment to the "pro-life" movement, you, Mr. Wildmon, your neckless father, and the AFA have, with your silly boycotts and equally cartoonish freakshows, become an embarrasment to all Christianity.

For the sake of us all, Mr. Wildmon, please go away. You're not welcome here anymore.