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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One of those things that explains everything

So.....why am I opening this blog with a publicity picture from that bomb-of-all-bombs, Ishtar?

Because I was going through this month's Wired, when I came upon an article about lost pop culturer know..missing footage from Dr. Stragelove, Jerry Lewis' Nazi clown movie...stuff like that. That when I saw something about that suitcase nuke starring Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffmann that almost wiped Columbia Pictures off the map.

It was about two REALLY BAD songwriters...but the songs were, according to the article...brilliantly crummy. That's thanks to Paul Williams, who took time out from writing hits for the Carpenters and starring in Burt Reynolds' movies to pen some of the gems sprinkled in the film, making them sound just good enough to give you hope before it all goes in the toilet.

Out of that, one lyric was posted in the article that pretty much sums up what I have been going through with my various posts online and dealing with people I love who have yet to see the way. And if you have been dealing with truth will understand..

Telling the truth can be dangerous business.
Honest and popular don’t go
hand in hand.
If you admit you can play the accordion
No one will hire
you in a rock-and-roll band.
-Paul Williams, Ishtar, 1987

Welcome to my world, kiddies.

1 comment:

The Masked Conservative said...

This is BRILLIANT!! Good GOD even I hadn't thought of ( nor even REMEMBERED!) the suitcase nuke-Ishtar. I love wordplay, as you know Mr. Blogposter.
HEY!!...Jerry Lewis' Nazi-Clown?....
I've just been out-tivia'd by Mr. Blogposter!

Wanna know which "lost treasures" I'D like to see?...
ORIGINAL Star Trek bloopers!
MAN I just GOTTA see Spock crackin' up! Oh yeeeaahhh!
Cinnamon Girl says "Hi Uncle D"