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Sunday, July 17, 2011


I will make this brief. This afternoon at about 2pm, I was robbed.

This happened at a shoping mall in Encino. I had just done laundry and I walked over to the store to grapb an energy shot. A cautionary to all...all it takes is a minute.

All my clothes were taken, as well as my charger for my phone (which thankfully I still have, along with my ID). Bottom line is what I have on now is all that I have.

I need help. Since I am not working, I am trying to raise emergency funds to get changes of clothing and a new charger.

I am asking those who read my blogs and those who follow me on various networks for you help. Whatever you can do I would appreciate.

You can you use the Chipin to the right of this, or simply PayPal what you can to

I also do personal and small business websites at a very low cost. You can write to my e-mail and we can talk rates. that can help out too.

I'll give you and update tomorrow.

Thank you for your generosity and patience in advance.


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