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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I need your HELP! NOW! (again?)

Yes, once again, I am in need of great assistance from those who read my blogs, and follow my postings on twitter and facebook. As many of you know I have been out of standard employment for the last 6 months. Although things may be looking up in June, I need to get past May (Judgment Day not withstanding).

Bacause of a major debt that must be paid this month, I will be without ANY funds until at least June 6th. Any. That includes food.

There have been those who have helped in the past. Thank you. There are those who are helping me now. Thank know who you are. If you can help with $20 or $40, thank you very much.

Two ways you can help: If you are in Southern California, I can do some work for you on the telephone or in your office. You can contact me at I have great credentials and references. The other way would be a donation of $20 and up to my PayPal account. Just go to and send it to

This is a major emergency for me right now, and if you can help, I really would appreciate it. Thanks to all.

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