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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Examine the following:

EXHIBIT A: A two-year-old boy was badly beaten six months ago in New Ulm. The child suffered three broken ribs, a broken leg, a broken hand and severe bruising over most of his body.
The man accused of beating the child is Rian Butcher. Butcher cared for the boy while his mother was at work. He entered an Alford Plea to the court last week. That means he believes there is enough evidence that would probably lead a jury to convict him, but he is not admitting guilt.

A Brown County judge sentenced Butcher to 210 days in jail, five years probation and a three-thousand dollar fine. If he violates probation, Butcher could serve a 15-month prison term.

He has a lengthy history of criminal convictions for violent acts against women and children. The grandparents of the two-year-old boy were outraged by the sentence. Dave Hatch told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that his family does not think the Brown County Attorney's Office did its job. Prosecutors say they did not think they had enough evidence to gain a felony conviction with a five-year prison term and that's why they accepted the plea.

The judge in the case, told family members that because of the plea arrangement and the lesser charges, his hands were tied and this was the toughest penalty he could hand out under the law.

EXHIBIT B: A Lafayette woman was sentenced this morning to a year on home detention and two years on supervised probation for hitting her 13-year-old daughter.

Cassandra B. Davis, 33, pleaded guilty last month in Tippecanoe Superior Court 2 to battery on a child resulting in serious bodily injury, a Class D felony; residential entry, a Class D felony; and invasion of privacy, a Class A misdemeanor.

Davis, who formerly went by her maiden name, Cassandra Robinson, is the biological mother of Aiyana Gauvin, a 4-year-old Lafayette girl who died in March 2005 following months of abuse by her stepmother, Michelle Gauvin, and biological father, Christian Gauvin.

Former Parkview Christian School teacher Carrie Perkins pleaded guilty Monday to multiple counts of sodomy and rape for sexual relations she had with a teenage student.

Perkins, 30, pleaded guilty to three counts of rape second degree and three counts of sodomy second degree in Eufaula Circuit Court. She originally faced six counts each of rape and sodomy, according to Circuit Clerk David Nix.

Perkins was sentenced to 15 years for each count – split with three years to serve for each count. Those sentences will run concurrently with the 14-year sentence she received in Houston County approximately six weeks ago.

Perkins, who was a fifth grade teacher at Parkview Christian School, had a relationship with a 15-year-old PCS student. According to a Eufaula Police Department incident report that was filed last May, the student stated that he and Perkins had sexual relations four or five times since the start of 2010.


Now all three were senteced for crimes believed abhorrant to society. But there is an injustice. Can you spot it?

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Donna The Outraged said...

Never has there been a more aptly-named blog post. The Author of this post is aware of my following the case of Carrie Smith Perkins from Alabama. It does my heart good to know that my wet crotch is (by LAW) far more dangerous to our youth than simply beating them until their ribs are in pieces. I know for a FACT that to the AVERAGE person, even 90 DAYS in a Federal Facility is enough to deter. I'm not referring to a county lockup, but rather a FEDERAL PEN. It does my heart good to know that your 17 year old son can get a special dispensation to join the military, but NOT to fuck. Let him see his best friend's head disappear in a red mist, but holy hell, he's not man enough to show affection to his TEACHER. Can YOU say "I found the injustice"? You are FAR better off if you attempt to KILL the boy rather than to fuck him. Next time, just break the boy's jaw with a bat, do him while he's unconscious so he can't claim you fucked him, then settle on a plea deal that allows you to keep your babysitting job. Until such time as these dipstick judges start getting VISITS from their pet repeaters, these will be no change in how they sentence for VIOLENCE. You will do LESS time for shooting a 7-11 clerk than for FUCKING him.
How was that, Blogger-Man?