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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Palm Beach New Times: Nan Rich...the wrong crusade?

To think this started with a dead goat.

This came across mt desk this morning from the Huffington Post:

As longtime readers of Eat The Press know, the state of Florida has
struggled in recent years to pass a law that will make bestiality illegal. The
saga began in January of 2008, when the raping and killing of a goat -- a
beloved family pet -- shocked the sensibilities of Florida residents. This led
to a second shock when everyone realized that the rape of the goat wasn't
actually a prosecutable offense in Florida.

"There needs to be a law,"
declared state Sen. Nan Rich (D), who probably didn't realize at the time that
enacting such a law would prove to be nigh-impossible or that she'd become known
as America's top anti-bestiality lawmaker. Rich led two attempts to pass such a
law, but those efforts came to naught. There's good news, though: Rich and her
colleagues are taking another run at it..

Twice before, the Florida
Senate has taken the matter to this point, and unfortunately, twice before,
Rich's bill has foundered in the House. Last May, it seemed like this law was
all set for enactment, but the wheels came off for a number of reasons, the
first being that "the outrageous nature of the subject it sought to address
actually worked against it":

Full story:

Comes to find out that Rich (D-FL) is a state senator who replaced Debbie Wasserrman Schultz whem the latter became a member of the US Congress. She seems to be a moderate who refused to "refused to tell citizens where he/she stands on any of the issues addressed in the 2010 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart, national media, and prominent political leaders." (

Maybe they didn't ask her how she felt about humping a goat.

Rich has been at this for some time. In 2009, the Palm Beach New Times (on of those artsy-fartsy Weeklies) asked a person who has researched all this was their any validity to claims that right Rich made about dog-humping could lead to kid-humping. The answer was surprising:

State Senator Nan Rich has made waves with her crusade to make it illegal in Florida to have sex with animals. Not just around her Sunrise district, either. The controversy has earned Rich a future berth on Comedy Central's Daily Show.

Anxious, perhaps, about being accused of exploiting a saucy subject for headlines, Rich has sought to link her bill with the ever-popular cause of preventing child sex crimes. Earlier this month, she was quoted in the Sun-Sentinel:

"There's a tremendous correlation between sexually deviant behavior and crimes
against children and crimes against animals."

In remarks quoted by the AP, Rich elaborated.

"Lock people up that commit these kinds of heinous crimes, otherwise you're
leaving a person out on the streets that, if they commit sexually deviant acts
in one area, it's been proven that they do in the other," Rich said.

I asked one of the world's leading researchers on bestiality, Dr. Hani Miletski, about Rich's claim of a "tremendous correlation" between sex with animals and sex with children. "I think it's real bullshit," says Miletski.

"There's no connection that we know of. And if you said this to 'Zoos' -- as
they call themselves -- they would be so offended. Because they take precautions
to make sure they don't have sex with an animal that is not mature."

The condition of having a sexual and emotional connection with an animal is called "zoophilia." Miletski conducted a study in which she interviewed 82 men and 11 women, all zoophiles. Aside from an intense attraction to animals, says Miletski, "I couldn't find anything that said 'All zoos are this way or that way.'" She said they come from all walks of life and don't even seem to share a childhood experience that could possibly explain how they became zoophiles.

But it's not even purely sexual. And for the human at least, it's not rape. "They really love the animals," says Miletski, "to the point where they want to marry them and treat them as spouses." A German researcher in the field, Dr. Andrea Beetz, found that many of her research subjects belong to animal protection groups. Rich says she's leading the charge on this bill based on her desire to protect animals.

In making her case publicly, Rich has cited an episode in the panhandle town of Mossy Head in which a man was suspected of choking a goat to death while having sex with it.

Florida is one of only 16 states to have not yet outlawed bestiality, but Miletski says its only the tail-end of modern legislative trend. Since she began researching the subject in the late Nineties, she says that at least a dozen states have put these laws on their books.

I asked Miletski whether there was a correlation between sex with animals and any kind of deviant behavior. "No," she said."The two just don't go together." A person with anti-social personality, she allowed, "may have sex with everything -- including animals," but that's not the same as zoophilia.

Rich's bill looks to have clear sailing through the legislature -- what legislator would possibly defend a group as marginalized as zoophiles? To Miletski, it's a shame. "People have this reaction to (bestiality) -- 'It's crazy. It's sex. It's out there.' And people can't get their mind around it, so in order sooth their anxiety they pass a law against it."

Ultimately, she doesn't think there's anything to be gained by making sex with animals a crime. "I don't think it should be illegal," said Miletski. "I think they should let people do what they want to do as long as they don't hurt anybody."

With all of the problems Florida has right now....and they are many....let's just say this probably should be on the back most.

But IS Flori-DUH.


beestpassion said...

Oh such "SCREEDFULNESS"!...Hee hee hee hee hee!... Seriously however, I have to agree with Mr. PostedThisBlog. There are a LOT of things that need doing. I will make a concession however: Make it illegal to choke to death a goat you're fucking, as it seem here that 2 such incidents in Florida have caused such turmoil. I shudder to think how many serial Strangulating Goat Fuckers may be at their heinous work just in these United States, many of whom I'm quite sure are here across our southern borders illegally in search of better Goat-ChokingSex. The inumerable "Anchor-Goats" are pissing me off as well, feeding on everyone else's lawn as if they were ENTITLED!Just so you know, Mr. PostedThisBlog, THESE guys are NOT who I mean when I say "Little Billy"

Don P. said...

...and that..whether you knew it or not...points out the absurdity in all of this. More to come.

Anonymous said...

More goat "love" --