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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Netflix Vying for First Rights to New TV Series

SAN FRANCISCO March 16, 2011 (AP)

Netflix is trying to buy Internet streaming rights to a
26-episode drama starring Kevin Spacy before the
series is shown on a television network.

If the deal is completed, it would mark a bold step in
a new direction for Netflix's popular video
subscription service. The more than 20,000 titles in
Netflix Inc.'s streaming library primarily consist of
previously aired TV series and older movies.

The talks were reported earlier by A
person familiar with the negotiations on Wednesday
confirmed Netflix's interest in the series "House of
Cards." The person spoke on condition of anonymity
because a deal hasn't been reached.

Should it win rights to "House of Cards," Netflix
would emerge as an even more serious threat to pay-
TV channels such as HBO. Netflix has 20 million

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