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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I didn't know THIS.....

"My name....Jose Jimenez."

Those 4 words were enough to give me fits of laughter when I was little.

Bill Dana adapated the personna of this Mexican Walter Mitty. While some in the Hispanic community soured on the act, Dana's Jose played a multiude of roles from a General to an Astronaut....roles that most people in the '60's did not associate with an Hispanic.

Here's Bill/Jose, with Pat Harrington (the guy who played "Schnieder")...

But what I DID NOT know is that the very same Bill Dana was responsible for THIS:

Yes, it was the same Bill Dana, who busted Hispanic stereotypes in the '60's that did the same as one of the writers of the "Sammy's Visit" episode of "All in the Family."

Dana talks about that...

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