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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

FOX40 Sacramento: Should California's Age of Consent be Lowered?

ELK GROVE— An Elk Grove coach facing charges for his sexual involvement with a 16-year old now has some neighbors discussing California’s age of consent.

Currently, you must be 18 years old to have sex with an adult. California is among a handful of states to make eighteen the official age of consent. In other states, the age is 16 or 17. Parents say the age needs to stay high because kids have no idea what an older person’s intentions could be. During sex the teen might think it’s love, but the adult only wants one thing.

“Because there’s generational gaps, vast differences between a 36-year-old and a 15- or 14-year-old.” Matt Upton says he talked to his daughters early to make them think twice before having sex until they were older than 18. Matt says it’s a combination of good parenting and luck, that saved his daughters from hooking up with older men, but he’s also thankful for the California law.

“I think California should enforce stronger laws against predators of young people.” Nilda Valmores runs "My Sister’s House", a safe haven for helping women in need. She’s seen a number of teens who fall for that older guy and they say the same thing, they thought it was love.

“Yeah, and it can get even worse if the young girl continues to have sex with the older man. He could take over her finances, control her emotions or even make her perform sexual acts with others...and she'll do it because she's brainwashed,” says Valmores.

The concern isn’t just for young girls, it applies to young boys as well, just as likely to be manipulated by people old enough to know better.

California, by the way, is one of a few states in which the age of consent for male-female sex is the same if you are gay. In some states, the age of consent if the parties involved are the same gender is much lower than 18.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Frisky: GSA....True Love....Incest...or Both

In one of our recent articles we has a reference to Genetic Sexual Attraction. This is an occurance when two people related to each other fine themselves attracted to each other in a sexual or romantic way. Many people feel that its just a dressed-up term for incest, but others say it is a bit more complicated than that.

Since we had so much comment on this particular facet, we scoured the internet for information. We found the following article on We offer this for information purposes only.

Let me preface this story by saying this is NOT the about the woman who breastfed her dad to save his life. This is an entirely different tale of father/daughter relations starring Penny Lawrence (28) and her long lost, dad, Gary Ryan (46). When all of her family members had passed away, abandoned daughter, Penny Lawrence, wanted to search for her last living relative—the dad she never knew. Her search led her from Ireland to Texas where she found her estranged father, Gary Ryan. The pair felt an immediate and powerful sexual attraction. Scientists call this phenomenon Genetic Sexual Attraction, which describes feelings of attraction between close blood relatives who meet for the first time as adults. It’s theorized that it happens because of our penchant to be attracted to mates who resemble us. Anyhow, this “feeling” led the father/daughter pair to start a relationship wherein Penny became pregnant with Gary’s baby. So far, the ultrasounds indicate that their love child has no defects. Unfortunately, the Genetic Sexual Attraction argument doesn’t hold up in court. It falls under the incest umbrella. The pair fears that they may be court ordered to end their relationship. So, there it is. What do you think? Should Penny and Gary be able to love each other without legal intervention or is it just too wrong? /

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Palm Beach New Times: Nan Rich...the wrong crusade?

To think this started with a dead goat.

This came across mt desk this morning from the Huffington Post:

As longtime readers of Eat The Press know, the state of Florida has
struggled in recent years to pass a law that will make bestiality illegal. The
saga began in January of 2008, when the raping and killing of a goat -- a
beloved family pet -- shocked the sensibilities of Florida residents. This led
to a second shock when everyone realized that the rape of the goat wasn't
actually a prosecutable offense in Florida.

"There needs to be a law,"
declared state Sen. Nan Rich (D), who probably didn't realize at the time that
enacting such a law would prove to be nigh-impossible or that she'd become known
as America's top anti-bestiality lawmaker. Rich led two attempts to pass such a
law, but those efforts came to naught. There's good news, though: Rich and her
colleagues are taking another run at it..

Twice before, the Florida
Senate has taken the matter to this point, and unfortunately, twice before,
Rich's bill has foundered in the House. Last May, it seemed like this law was
all set for enactment, but the wheels came off for a number of reasons, the
first being that "the outrageous nature of the subject it sought to address
actually worked against it":

Full story:

Comes to find out that Rich (D-FL) is a state senator who replaced Debbie Wasserrman Schultz whem the latter became a member of the US Congress. She seems to be a moderate who refused to "refused to tell citizens where he/she stands on any of the issues addressed in the 2010 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart, national media, and prominent political leaders." (

Maybe they didn't ask her how she felt about humping a goat.

Rich has been at this for some time. In 2009, the Palm Beach New Times (on of those artsy-fartsy Weeklies) asked a person who has researched all this was their any validity to claims that right Rich made about dog-humping could lead to kid-humping. The answer was surprising:

State Senator Nan Rich has made waves with her crusade to make it illegal in Florida to have sex with animals. Not just around her Sunrise district, either. The controversy has earned Rich a future berth on Comedy Central's Daily Show.

Anxious, perhaps, about being accused of exploiting a saucy subject for headlines, Rich has sought to link her bill with the ever-popular cause of preventing child sex crimes. Earlier this month, she was quoted in the Sun-Sentinel:

"There's a tremendous correlation between sexually deviant behavior and crimes
against children and crimes against animals."

In remarks quoted by the AP, Rich elaborated.

"Lock people up that commit these kinds of heinous crimes, otherwise you're
leaving a person out on the streets that, if they commit sexually deviant acts
in one area, it's been proven that they do in the other," Rich said.

I asked one of the world's leading researchers on bestiality, Dr. Hani Miletski, about Rich's claim of a "tremendous correlation" between sex with animals and sex with children. "I think it's real bullshit," says Miletski.

"There's no connection that we know of. And if you said this to 'Zoos' -- as
they call themselves -- they would be so offended. Because they take precautions
to make sure they don't have sex with an animal that is not mature."

The condition of having a sexual and emotional connection with an animal is called "zoophilia." Miletski conducted a study in which she interviewed 82 men and 11 women, all zoophiles. Aside from an intense attraction to animals, says Miletski, "I couldn't find anything that said 'All zoos are this way or that way.'" She said they come from all walks of life and don't even seem to share a childhood experience that could possibly explain how they became zoophiles.

But it's not even purely sexual. And for the human at least, it's not rape. "They really love the animals," says Miletski, "to the point where they want to marry them and treat them as spouses." A German researcher in the field, Dr. Andrea Beetz, found that many of her research subjects belong to animal protection groups. Rich says she's leading the charge on this bill based on her desire to protect animals.

In making her case publicly, Rich has cited an episode in the panhandle town of Mossy Head in which a man was suspected of choking a goat to death while having sex with it.

Florida is one of only 16 states to have not yet outlawed bestiality, but Miletski says its only the tail-end of modern legislative trend. Since she began researching the subject in the late Nineties, she says that at least a dozen states have put these laws on their books.

I asked Miletski whether there was a correlation between sex with animals and any kind of deviant behavior. "No," she said."The two just don't go together." A person with anti-social personality, she allowed, "may have sex with everything -- including animals," but that's not the same as zoophilia.

Rich's bill looks to have clear sailing through the legislature -- what legislator would possibly defend a group as marginalized as zoophiles? To Miletski, it's a shame. "People have this reaction to (bestiality) -- 'It's crazy. It's sex. It's out there.' And people can't get their mind around it, so in order sooth their anxiety they pass a law against it."

Ultimately, she doesn't think there's anything to be gained by making sex with animals a crime. "I don't think it should be illegal," said Miletski. "I think they should let people do what they want to do as long as they don't hurt anybody."

With all of the problems Florida has right now....and they are many....let's just say this probably should be on the back most.

But IS Flori-DUH.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Witch Hunts

In the 55 years of my life, I have been given the opportunity to meet people whose lives would probably run counter to what many of you feel would be "acceptable." They run from the mild to the extreme. but in most cases they are not the people you would think to be the outlaws you were thinking.

I have met teachers, technicians, police officers, lawyers, pastors, sports figures, actors and actresses...people from all walks of life who had one thing in common....their sexual lives would probably earn them space time on a burning stake.

So in this rant I just want to run off a few things to you. If you are an "outlaw," you will know what I say when I talk about it. If you feel you are, on the other hand, a "fine, upstanding citizen," just know how close that "outlaw" is to you. Could be your neighbor. Your kid's tutor. Your priest. Your spouse/partner.

It could ever be YOU......though you are in denial.

Among the things that angered me was an article concerning Rose McGowan's appearance on Law And Order:Los Angeles as a woman caught up in the seedy underground world of swinging.

Seedy??? Funny, I have been around swingers for about 20 years. Let me tell you about some of these "seedy" characters. One is a teacher, with tenure. Another cares for a special needs daughter and her ailing parents. Many are parents themselves. There's more seediness in both sides if Congress.

The anti-sex attitude of America is nauseating to me. Many times, I wonder how things would be different if just admit how we REALLY feel about sex to ourselves. That we may be more "depraved" than we admit.

Many of you have no idea what is going on. Yes there is the occasional child sex ring that is broken up, but in many cases those who are caught leave hundreds, maybe thousands who are not....maybe some who are reading this now. What you may not know is that Your Federal Government is using your fear of kiddies doing the horizontal bop to sneak into YOUR computer...

Democrat and Republican lawmakers are busily creating a House bill that
will mandate Internet service providers to keep computer records -- including
identification information -- of users to be used by federal law enforcement
agencies during their child pornography investigations,

According to the
Federal Bureau of Investigation, if the bill is passed in both houses of
Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama, it will help FBI agents
investigating child-pornography cases.

While proponents of the bill
claim there is bipartisan support for such a law, opponents say it is an attempt
by big government politicians to "backdoor their way to controlling the Internet
and those who use it," said political strategist Mike Baker.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) is expected to introduce a
draft of the bill in April.
He stated that his legislation will
require Internet service firms to maintain records of users’ Internet Protocol,
or IP, addresses for a mandatory period of at least 24 months.

Child protection organizations and some law enforcement
executives groups applaud the effort to help identify suspects. However,
civil-rights proponents such as the American Civil Liberties Union claim such a
measure would infringe on citizens' right to privacy and create a cyber Big
Brother culture on the worldwide web.

So much for your privacy.

But the sexual witch hunts do not stop there. Recently there was a study about "underage prostitution" targeting sites like Craigslist and Backpage. As you can see in the was based on junk science. Another witch hunt:

And we stand for this because we are not honest with ourselves when it comes to sex. Or our kids.

And what we find if we are honest is that the things we feared we may not have needed to fear all along.

The words are Genetic Sexual Attraction. Or GSA. Get used to that. You will be hearing that one a lot in the next 10 years. In fact, GSA may very well be the next taboo after homosexuality/bisexuality that gets to be smashed to smithereens.

Case in point:

A 28-YEAR-OLD woman is pregnant with her Irish-born father’s baby.

The Irish Sun splashed this morning with the exclusive story of Garry
Ryan, 46, and his long-lost daughter Penny Lawrence, 28, who met last year when
Lawrence tracked Ryan down. He had been born in Palmerstown in Dublin but moved
with his family to the US when he was two. He made Lawrence’s mother Angela
pregnant when he was 18 but left her before their baby, Penny, was born.

Angela died when Penny was four and her maternal grandparents, who
raised her, died when she was 18. Lawrence said she became “obsessed” with
finding her only remaining close blood relative, her father. Last March she
tracked him down to Houston, Texas and after several daily phonecalls, flew
there from LA to surprise him.

Ryan said that the pair felt an instant
physical attraction when they met, and soon began an incestuous sexual
relationship. Lawrence is now pregnant with his child.

By the way, the ultra scans show no hint of birth defects. And if the the tests are the same in the next 3 months, Garry and Penny will go ahead with the pregnancy.

Then there are the very kiddies we're trying to protect. Sorry, too late. The Durex condom folks did their own study. The found the average age of people losing their virginity was 16. The average.

And I can go on and on and on....but you get the point. How we feel about all this, and what we really are are two different things. And those have to be reconciled.

Thing is that reconciliation maybe be forced upon us. Just as Rock Hudson's battle with AIDS/HIV forced us to confront how we feel about homosexuality, revelations by those such as MacKenzie Phillips may have us starting to think more about GSA. The maturing of the American (and global) teenager may have us thinking second thoughts about the concept of consent.

And in those revelations, the witch hunts will continue. Truth is never something people feel comfortable about, especially sex. Dozens of people disappear from sites such as Yahoo, facebook, and twitter daily because maybe their sexual appetites may offend the average villager.

Yet these things continue to facinate us beyond belief. We said we were revolted by the bizzare accusations leveled at the McMartin Seven. Yet we were glued to the set by every the point that these seven were responsibile for over 300 separate abusings in a one year period.

Then there's Mary Kay Latourneau, the 34-year-old teacher who had an affair with her then-12-year-young student, Vili Fualaau. Sick! Twisted! She's a monster! And we kept staring at the screen, drinking in every juicy morsel, though two jailings and a couple of kids.

Oh, by the way, those who were hoping she would be on the rocks by now will be dissapointed....Mary Kay and Vili are a happily married couple, hosting "Hot For Teacher" nights at Seattle nightclubs. She's 49, he's almost 30.

And at this point, the less said about JonBenet Ramsey and that set-up, the better.

Oh, there is one more I was hesistant to mention. But I'll put it this way. We who love our animals in a "normal" way would cringe if we knew some people would use them for other purposes. A gentleman named Doug Spink comes to mind. But then there's this particular case of a pitbull named Mel:

(A) black pit bull named Mel was standing quietly by a door.

On this night, like many other nights, Mel was waiting for his owners to take him outside, but he couldn't alert them with a bark. He doesn't bark. He won't bark. The bark has been beaten out of him.

Every time the 4-year-old dog meets a stranger, he goes into convulsions. He staggers back into a wall for protection. He lowers his face and tries to hide. New faces are not new friends, but old terrors.

Strangling. Drowning. Beating. Removing the teeth from female dogs who'd fight back during mating.

What kind of monster would do something like this. This kind....

Yes, he did go to prison. But he has "redeemed" himself.

Lucky he didn't have sex with that pitbull.

We are sicker than we think.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I didn't know THIS.....

"My name....Jose Jimenez."

Those 4 words were enough to give me fits of laughter when I was little.

Bill Dana adapated the personna of this Mexican Walter Mitty. While some in the Hispanic community soured on the act, Dana's Jose played a multiude of roles from a General to an Astronaut....roles that most people in the '60's did not associate with an Hispanic.

Here's Bill/Jose, with Pat Harrington (the guy who played "Schnieder")...

But what I DID NOT know is that the very same Bill Dana was responsible for THIS:

Yes, it was the same Bill Dana, who busted Hispanic stereotypes in the '60's that did the same as one of the writers of the "Sammy's Visit" episode of "All in the Family."

Dana talks about that...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Forget Murderers. Public Enemies #1: DOG-HUMPERS!!!!

If you go to and compare the crime rates of, say, Los Angeles to Phoenix, AZ, you will find that both cities are comparable in terms of crimes committed. As a matter of fact, one could say that Los Angeles is safer, based that site crime indices.

Those numbers are based on FBI figures. In terms of property crimes, LA is lower than Phoenix, rating a 4 and 7 respectively (national average is 4). In terms of violent crimes (murder, rape, etc), both LA and Phoenix rate a 7 (national average 4). In other words, Phoenix is not a safe place to be.

So you would think that the city's sheriff, tabbed the toughest cop in America, would think that murderers, rapists and thieves would be his prime concern. No, no, no! It's........DOG-HUMPERS! That's right...DOG-HUMPERS...right here in River City!!

Read and hurl.....


America’s self-described toughest sheriff has issued a warning to the CEO of
Craigslist saying the popular Internet website is providing a “mechanism to
facilitate criminal activity.”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s warning to Jim
Buckmaster follows the arrest last month in Arizona by Maricopa County Sheriff's
Office detectives of two men — one a middle school teacher and the other a
handyman — on charges of conspiracy to commit bestiality.

Sheriff Arpaio
said an undercover investigation by his office began after detectives became
aware that persons in the Phoenix area were using Craigslist to engage in
illegal acts with animals. Detectives set up meetings through computer
communications where the suspects believed they were meeting animal owners at a

“I would hope that Mr. Buckmaster takes my advice seriously and
looks into our concerns,” Sheriff Arpaio said. “I think it is sad that people
would utilize technology to take advantage of animals like this.”

Although bestiality may not be illegal in other states, the sheriff was
instrumental in making the offense a crime in Arizona in 2006.

Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster is taking heat for postings on his
website. (Associated Press)Craigslist did not respond to questions sent by
e-mail to the company and to its public relations spokeswoman.

The men
arrested in February — handyman Keith Kiefer, 47, of Mesa, and middle school
music teacher Patrick Trejo, 25, of Phoenix — were accused of using to connect with dog owners offering their dogs for sexual
gratification with humans.

Sheriff Arpaio said his deputies later
learned that a number of people used the website to communicate with others who
had an interest in bestiality. He said detectives discovered that a secret
language was being used to hide the suspects’ plans.

According to court
documents, a detective posing as a dog owner responded to a posting Mr. Kiefer
listed on Craigslist. They exchanged e-mails in which Mr. Kiefer allegedly asked
for a photo of the male dog’s sexual organ. He received it and responded by
saying he “liked it very much,” the court records show.

In his letter to
Craigslist, Sheriff Arpaio said the investigation of “several others” was
ongoing and that the website had provided “the forum for these individuals to
post, in a very blatant manner, their intentions.”


Now, in my small circle of friends, the opinions about stuff like this ranges from "Man..that's sick!" to " Pomeranian was the BOMB last night!!" Therefore I cannot judge. Nor, since I do not have any pictures iof Mssrs. Keifer and Trejo, I do not know the level of desperation with these men (though one would probably argue that looking like a 2-legged emu might be a reason..)

Here's the thing. I know that those who thing something like doing-the-dog is highly disgusting claim that the pooch in question has no say in the matter. Oh. really? Then maybe we should also book all the people who force dogs (and cats, and other furries) to do non-sexual acts that the animals have no consent over (have you seen Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks? Or even the stupider ones that wind up on, what a friend would call Screw-Tube?)

Again, I am not advocating anything, except keeping me safe. If Candy Sue wants to do the horizontal bop with her German Shepard, be my guess. I'm just worrying about the guy trying to climb into my house to steal my 50-inch Plasma TV.

MY suggestion to Mr. Arapaio would be to start actually arresting some real bad guys (and stop blaming it all on Mexican drug lords and the ACLU. We should legalize everything and make it here anyway, and as for those tree-hugging lawyers, the fact that prisons these days are obscenly overcrowded shows that the ACLU ain't quite that effective).

But maybe I can understand where Big Joe comes from. First, he was worrying that his wife migh leave him for some black stud. Then for some other woman. NOW he has to worry about Rover. Maybe it's all just insecurity.

We feel ya, Joe. We feel ya.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Netflix Vying for First Rights to New TV Series

SAN FRANCISCO March 16, 2011 (AP)

Netflix is trying to buy Internet streaming rights to a
26-episode drama starring Kevin Spacy before the
series is shown on a television network.

If the deal is completed, it would mark a bold step in
a new direction for Netflix's popular video
subscription service. The more than 20,000 titles in
Netflix Inc.'s streaming library primarily consist of
previously aired TV series and older movies.

The talks were reported earlier by A
person familiar with the negotiations on Wednesday
confirmed Netflix's interest in the series "House of
Cards." The person spoke on condition of anonymity
because a deal hasn't been reached.

Should it win rights to "House of Cards," Netflix
would emerge as an even more serious threat to pay-
TV channels such as HBO. Netflix has 20 million

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

What I believe....

There have been a lot of "manifestos" floating around the internet lately. Lot or arguments and snarkiness based not on fact but on one's imagined point of view.

To be honest I have tried to put out what I know is the truth. But very few people listened. Or understood.

So I may be stepping down my efforts on line...just posting the occasional link. To be honest I cannot "debate" based on hatred. I can only go by what I see.

But before I go, I think, once and for all, I should be clear on what I believe. I must warn you, some of what is in my head may be troublesome for you. If, though, you look at it all with a open mind and clarity, you will see that I do have a point.

I'm not holding my breath on that, though.

I believe....

  • Barack Obama is not the greatest President we have ever had. But he is not the worst either.
  • Sarah Palin is smarter than most of you. So is Rachel Maddow.
  • We are broke. Yet no one, Democrat or Republican, has the balls to do what needs to be done. What needs to be done would be an instant death wish. And I am not talking politically. (Correction: There was the sequester. We seemed to have survived that.  Which was my point...)
  • You are broke. You have a responsibility to build your wealth, and do it in the next 5 years. Stop running from that, embrace it. And for those who think as I do on most things, remember the one thing a conservative fears is a RICH liberal. Got it?
  • Jimmy Kimmel is overrated. Craig Ferguson is underrated. Craig's announcer was Fred R. Rated.
  • All drugs should be legal. All of them. You're just responsibile for what you do when you are loaded.
  • If you are a sane responsibile citizen, you should be able to own a gun, provided you take the responsibility of using one. By the way, owning a Sherman tank does not indicate you are a responsibile citizen.
  • Scott Walker is a fucking moron. On most issues, so is Michael Moore.
  • Most music sucks. When the last decent song recorded in this country is called "Fuck You," its time to pack it in.
  • "Heroes" should never have been cancelled. "The Cape" should never have been greenlighted. SwanQueen should happen. Period.
  • Jan Brewer is a cow.
  • Most, if not all, of our taboos on sex are about to go out the window. That includes...well, THAT. And THAT. and even THAT! Probably because we are more perverted than we realize. Don't believe me? How long have YOU been counting the days until Dakota Fanning turn 18? Or staring at those twins making out with each other on that porno you've been pounding by.
  • If we MUST have laws outlawaing some couplings, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. For instance, if some teacher and her student are caught in the backseat doing the horizontal bop, with the student's best friend videotaping the action (true story), the kid has forever given up the right to be called a "victim." Also, if both parties consent, both go to jail.
  • On the other hand, if you for force anyone to have sex, regardless of age, You. Go. To. Jail. For. The. Rest. Of. Your. Fucking. Life.
  • If a person uses thier Pomeranian the same way they use a Hitachi, just remember some of the other things we force our furries to do: like this ( ...and this ( ....and THIS ( And no...the dog didn't "consent" to THAT, either.
  • The average life expectancy in CANADA is 81. The average life expectancy in the USA is 78. Hmmmm...wonder why.
  • Everyone gets their news from either the AP or Reuters. Everyone. That includes Fox, MSNBC, and Alex Jones.  So much for the coporate news media.
  • How do you end homelessness? Give them a home. Next question...
  • Lana Parrilla is the most beautiful woman in the world.
  • For the last fucking time, The President was born in HAWAII, not KENYA. See However, maybe what we need are more Presidents born in Kenya.
  • 9/11 WAS an inside job.
  • AA IS a cult. So are both political parties.
  • The entire congregation of the Westboro Baptist Church should never have been born.
  • And finally, all people are humans. No matter what their faith or politics, they eat cereal, love sunshine, marvel at rain, go to the bathroom(!), love too much, cry too much, curse at their team a bit too much, love thier familes (some more than most...and that's alright too!), and eventually die. And if you are going to die, if the sum of your life is just being left alone, then you are already dead. Just remember, left or right, most political stuff is bullshit anyway. The REAL stuff is the little things you don't notice. LIVE YOUR LIFE.
That is all.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

For the last time, stop blaming Obama for the defecit!

Take a look at this chart from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in a report entitled "Critics Still Wrong on What’s Driving Deficits in Coming Years: Economic Downturn, Financial Rescues, and Bush-Era Policies Drive the Numbers."

Now note something. The things OBAMA did (TARP, etc) took up a rather small part of the defecit. If you also notice, Bush's wars (Iraq, Afaganistan...both inherited by Bush), though noticeable, do not make the majority of the shortfall.

The real villians are THE BUSH TAX CUTS. Of the projected 1.9 trillion dollar shortfall, those cuts take up as much as 8 trillion of that.

Eight. Trillion. Dollars.

So, once and for is NOT Barack Obama that got us in this mess. It's US. Our refusal to pay the bill that got us here. Not to mention our GOP/Tea Party enablers.

Moving on.