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Friday, February 04, 2011

We've heard it all before

Recently, with all of the violence in Egypt, Glenn beck has been doubling down on his rather apocolyptic predictions on what might happen. For instance, in this recent screed from his radio show he says this:

Now, then, Chris Matthews, a few days ago on Hardball, said that he had never seen anything like that said on TV. You must live in a different part of the country. For every Sunday for years, itenerant preachers have been putting out predictions of Armageddon starting in Egypt.

Here is Jack Van Impe from his Sunday morning program. A program 12 YEARS AGO..

Now I have been saying for some time that the Tea Party movement...the REAL Tea Party movement, was inspired not by people like Sarah Palin, but by people like Van Impe who have preached that these are the "Last Days" as predicted in Revelations, and that those who are with the Lord (specifically those who are straight, white, asexual, and conservative) have a duty to eliminate certain heathen from the earth to please the coming savior.

More fuel to this fire has been placed by the predictions of one religeous radio station owner that Last Day could come in 14 weeks.

So with a date set (MAY 21st), some of those apocolyptic visions that Glenn Beck has been having might just come true...but they won't be from the left. It would be from the very teabagging, flag waving, Islam-hating, Xian warriors who hang on every word of Beck's and his cohorts on FoxNews, and in places like World Net Daily.

We haven't seen anything yet.

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