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Friday, January 14, 2011

This might be my last post for awhile.

This may be my last blog for awhile. 

I wish life were as simple or miraculous as many have claimed, but as my life has proven time and time again, for some there is a block in moving forward.  It usually happens when you are (I am) at that point when the light is at the tunnel.  Then the door is slammed shut.
Maybe it is punishment for my life, my choices, my beliefs.  Maybe its bad karma that just happens to last for 56 years.  Maybe at 57, I will have a miracle.  Doesn't look like it now, though.
The problem is that some nice person stole my phone.  For you maybe it's a matter of calling the company and getting a new one.  But I lost my job three months ago.  My new business is at a point where it is just starting to find some results, but without that phone progress is stopped and my life is essentially over.  This is not an exaggeration. 
I keep reading about the luck that people have.  The homeless guy with the golden voice.  The grandma who one $190 million. I know the whine "about good things happen to everyone but me." And a promised that I would not whine.  Maybe take my punishment like a man.
Now I am NOT going to slit my wrists or jump from a building or other ways of doing oneself in.  So please no intervention on that score.  There will be light at the end of the tunnel, but I will have to have something happen before things get incredible worse.
Now if you want to help me, I have set up a chip-in to help out. Anything $20 or more can help if you can.

To those who know what I am going through, please know that I am not and will not give up.  I do have plans for the short time I still have on this planet and I indend to work hard to get there.  Those who know me best know how hard I can work.  But unless something happens soon, that may never happen. 
Since a part of this involves communicating with my extended family on Yahoo, facebook, and Twitter, I may not be able to communicate with you after Saturday, but you are in my thoughts and prayers.  And you know who you are.
An for those who can and do, any prayers would be helpful.  Maybe God will plant and idea in my head and a miracle will happen.
Then again....
I love you all.

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