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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Insanity of America

Last night, Keith Olbermann hit his usuall Special Comment home run, offering in startling 20-minute detail about the Tea Bag express that is about to run over this country like a 18-wheeler going at 100mph with no brakes.....downhill.

Before you vote on Tuesday, listen to this fully.  Then I have a few words to say to you...

Yes we have the power to do more than that.  And it is that power that I fear more than anything in this election.  Because for people like Angle and Paul and the other teabaggers to invade our Capitol it will take the knowing participation of voters.  Olbermann comes closer to anyone in putting the responsibility squarely on where it belongs...not just those who stay home and not vote, but those who go out and do so.

The Mason-Dixon poll on this weekend before the End of America shows Sharron Angle AHEAD of  Harry Reid by at least 4 points. The Bluegrass Poll in KY shows Paul with a commanding lead over his opponent. and Stephen Broden....then man who said that armed revolution was on the within striking distance of his opponent. If that's not bad enough, the woman whose ignorance and past loopy statements have been comedy gold for the likes of Bill Maher, Christine O'Donnell.....a woman who was supposed to be crushed by her opponent Chris now within striking distance of said opponent.

If these and other loons win on Tuesday, the fault will not be with Fox News, or Glenn Beck, or the persuasive powers of Sarah Palin, or the avalanche of money that has been bestowed upon the bagger candidates.  The fault will lie solely on an electorate in each state who refuses to check facts or listen anything that even pretends to offer reason.  Like the Germans in the 30's, this disaster will happen with the willing participation of citizens who actually agree with this shit.

And because of this, we MUST hold voters in these states accountable for their votes. Their punishment must be of shunning.  If Nevada and Arizona and other states do not realize what they have done, they should be shunned until they do.

Mr. Olbermann, as always, is a master of language, but sometimes the words must come from the source. As the community of America seems hellbound to be, as the character he portays says, an "insult to the world," here is Spencer Tracy, from the classic 60's film "Inherit the Wind," able assisted by Mssrs. Elliot Reid, Dick York,Fredrick March, and Harry Morgan.  The words said nearly 50 years ago are haunting and damning in their prophetic nature....

May God have mercy of these United States.

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