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Saturday, September 04, 2010

In order to form a more sanitized society.

From this morning's C|Net:

Some who are at a loose end will find it odd to wake up to a Labor Day weekend and discover that the Adult Section on Craigslist has been removed and that the link to it on the site's home page has been replaced with a black bar reading "censored."

Craigslist has long been the whipping boy for attorneys general seeking to control prostitution within their purview and perhaps also seeking to win the favor of certain members of their constituencies.

However, why the section should suddenly have been removed in such a dramatic way (the censorship is only active in the U.S.) is unclear.

The section was originally entitled Erotic Services. Its name was changed to reflect a new discipline, as, under pressure from attorneys general, Craigslist declared it would manually screen every ad in its newly named Adult Services section.

It is arguable whether the content of this new section truly changed. Some would say it was adult business as usual.

Read more:

So, once again, it seems that the roving band of nomadic keepers of our morals, who I have not so lovingly portrayed as the "Prude Patrol," have struck another blow for keeping the Internet safe from the tiny tots and those whose thought processes would be violated by any frank discussion the American Family ASSociation would say, "s-x."


Ever since I discovered the Internet in the early 90's, I have been amazed at how free it was.  It has helped shaped my sexuality so that I am erudite pervert you see before you.  I have been equally amazed at the vigor that many pressure groups like Donald Wildmon's AFA (whose antics I have lovingly chronicled on my various blogs over the years), and the most recent PornHarms, not to mention harpies such as Gail Dines and here Westboro-esque group Stop Porn Culture

These people and groups, along with a unlinked network of individuals, who remind me of Esmarelda, the O-lan Jones character from Edward Scissorhands, who sees Satan in just about everything, and lives as a recluse, surrounded by pictures of Jesus, candles, and rosaries. Give Esme an HP desktop and a Road Runner account and she'd be perfect for this.

Now no one is saying that we should start offering, say, Hustler to 8 year-olds (though from what I have seen at the library, the little boogers are pretty able to find it on their own).  But I am finding it increasingly difficult to talk honestly like adults, with adults, about adult things.

Every morning I go to facebook or Yahoo Pulse in fear that a friend of mine had been sucked into the vortex because someone clicked on the "abuse" link. Their crime: being a little bit (or in some cases a lot) more honest about sex than this country's castrated society will allow.

This, of course, is being done under the excuse of protecting the children. If that's the case, they're doing a piss-poor job of it. For instance, the Kaiser Family Foundation, in a study, found that, though there had been a slight decline, 47% of kids grade 9th thru 12 have had some sexual intercourse.  It's worse, considering that, according to a separate CBS news poll,. 78% of parents didn't think their darling 13-17 year-olds were doing it. Beyond denial.

But we are talking about adults, here , are we.  And some of us are tired of being treated like a five year old. You may not want to hear it, but some of us fuck. Many of us come. We have penises and vaginae, breasts and buttocks, and they are just as much a part of us as our noses. eyes, and legs. And we who are grown-up would like to talk about it like grown ups.

Some of us are also very spiritual.  Christian, as a matter of fact...not the Xianity that as been hijacked by hucksters and itinerant ex-morning show jocks, but a true follwer of Him. And if the KJV IS the inspired word of the Lord, then he is, too, a perveyor of porn, for the Song of Solomon is as erotic as anything Anais Nin ever put down.

The problem is that the vermin that scour the net, seeking the filth they say they abhor (and if they did, they would not be seeking it out, now would they), are highly organized, in some cases very sophisticated, and have lots of pull.  Lots. Let's face it...advertisers and social networks trying to link to major corporations do not want the "stigma" of sex.  Ask California Gubernatorial candidate...and former e-bay CEO Meg Whitman.

And what is really maddening is that we who ARE pleasure-positive, we who are grown-ups, we who Do love SEX seem to be powerless.  Or we seem to want to just blow it off  because it is negative energy or some bullshit like that. even as they aim the bulldozers to push you into the ocean.

It is time that the adults start fighting back.  We have to tell the facebooks and twitters that it's WE who power this boat (just ask Friendster and Multiply, whose sex purges have left them floundering as shadows of their former selves...and myspace, who's getting close).  Tell the advertisers that we will only support those who support us.  And remind them that there are more of us than there are of them.

Also, you should support sites like Our Porn, Ourselves, a resource from sex blogger Violet Blue that, according to the site, "aims to create an alternative and constructive conversation on the use of pornography by women, and in turn offer balance to the anti-porn feminist agenda."  OPO had a page on facebook which was removed for content violations, though there was no nudity on the page. Soon after, PornHarms gloated about it removal on ITS facebook page.

We must start having the courage to ask those who run for public office to support policies that are non-erotophobic in nature (keeping abortion legal and supporting true marriage equality are simple ones, but beyond that, equality for polyamorists, legalizing sex work, and a realistic connection between sexuality and teenagers). What we may really need is what is developing in Australia. The Australian Sex Party, or ASP is a political organization dedicated to responsible sex-positivity.

The true bottom line is that the sex positive must no longer be docile.  We must speak up or be muzzled.  We must stand up and be counted. We must be aggressive. For if we are not, we will be forced to exist in a soulless, sexless, sanitized world where everything is forced underground and all of us must live lies.

You know.  The good old days.

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