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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Video Village 6.16.10

Well, lets start our little video presentation with this morning's Fox and Fiends....errrr....Friends.

Newtie was on with the gang talking about Obama's oil slick speech yesterday when the discussion turned...heavenward?

Disengenuous, eh  Blondie?

Well, considering that this so-called CHRISTIAN country ranks 11th in church-going, maybe we should not admonish our President when he does call on God to save the heathens of the South (but that's another story..)

Now Glenn Beck referred to Obama's kids not too long ago, and the next day apologized.  One wonder's of the newly married El Rushbo will do the same thing after this....

Well after this......

...and this....

...and other things, don't bet on it.

Now, does anyone here listen to the War Room with Quinn and Rose? Ever heard of these guys?  Will here is the Quinn of the pair, first name Jim, airing out the sheets yesterday....

Question Jim: What IS American culture?

Yesterday on AC360, Anderson Cooper spoke with Kevin Costner abouthis whiz-bang machine Kev says would solve the oil problem in the Gulf.  We'd love to post it for you, but we can, because CNN won't let us.  Somehow they'll let Crooks&Liars do it but not us.

Here's the link. though: Fuck you, CNN.

Well, here is last night's WPITH from Countdown that airs on MSNBC, who DOES allow you to not only put thier video on your blog, but also gives you a TRANSCRIPT  too!  Yay Microsoft and GE (wait...what am i SAYING??)

Finally, I should post more of these.  James Thurber was an amazing man.  The fact that Keith Olbermann now ends his Friday program with a Thurber missives makes me like both of them even more.

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