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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Video Village 6.16.10

Well, lets start our little video presentation with this morning's Fox and Fiends....errrr....Friends.

Newtie was on with the gang talking about Obama's oil slick speech yesterday when the discussion turned...heavenward?

Disengenuous, eh  Blondie?

Well, considering that this so-called CHRISTIAN country ranks 11th in church-going, maybe we should not admonish our President when he does call on God to save the heathens of the South (but that's another story..)

Now Glenn Beck referred to Obama's kids not too long ago, and the next day apologized.  One wonder's of the newly married El Rushbo will do the same thing after this....

Well after this......

...and this....

...and other things, don't bet on it.

Now, does anyone here listen to the War Room with Quinn and Rose? Ever heard of these guys?  Will here is the Quinn of the pair, first name Jim, airing out the sheets yesterday....

Question Jim: What IS American culture?

Yesterday on AC360, Anderson Cooper spoke with Kevin Costner abouthis whiz-bang machine Kev says would solve the oil problem in the Gulf.  We'd love to post it for you, but we can, because CNN won't let us.  Somehow they'll let Crooks&Liars do it but not us.

Here's the link. though: Fuck you, CNN.

Well, here is last night's WPITH from Countdown that airs on MSNBC, who DOES allow you to not only put thier video on your blog, but also gives you a TRANSCRIPT  too!  Yay Microsoft and GE (wait...what am i SAYING??)

Finally, I should post more of these.  James Thurber was an amazing man.  The fact that Keith Olbermann now ends his Friday program with a Thurber missives makes me like both of them even more.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Does this scare you?

Yesterday (6.10.10), I posted this video on Twitter and Facebook.  I wanted to repost it here.

Now if for any second you think this is just a small bunch of crazies just making noise, look at what they have already done:

Arizona Hispanics flee state in droves before new immigration law S.B. 1070 takes effect in July

BY Meena Hartenstein


Hasta la vista! Reports are swirling that Hispanics in Arizona are fleeing the state before a controversial new immigration law goes into effect July 29.

The law, which has sparked a heated national debate, requires police officers to conduct routine traffic stops or other checks to ask people about their immigration status if there is "reasonable suspicion" they're in the country illegally.

Though precise numbers are not yet available, early anecdotal reports from local schools, businesses and residents indicate that Hispanics could be leaving in droves to avoid the law's impact, USA Today reported Wednesday.

Superintendent Jeffrey Smith of the Balsz Elementary School District, which is 75% Hispanic, said 70 students were pulled out of school following the law's passage April 23 and that parents said it was the reason they were leaving.

Read more:

It is already having the desired effect.  You see, we're not talking about Canadians or Europeans who might be in AZ illegally (about a quarter of a million Canadians alone are in this country undocumented).  They want to get rid of the Hispanics.
The fear of a Brown planet in 2010 seems to have eclipsed the fear of a Black planet in the late 1900's. 
Minorities now make up a fifth of Utah's population
Utah continued to become more ethnically and racially diverse last year, according to Census Bureau estimates released Thursday, and Latinos grew to account for 12 percent of the population.

The state's share of white, non-Latino residents slipped to 81 percent in 2009, down from 85 percent in 2000. So minorities made up nearly a fifth of Utah's population last year -- and a quarter of Salt Lake County's.

These latest minority estimates -- perhaps conservative, a leading state demographer says -- show a state continuing to look more like the nation of immigrants in which it rests, and where, in coming decades, a minority-majority population will recast how Americans define "minority."

Already the United States this year is, for the first time, experiencing more minority than white majority births, and Utah is about two generations behind but catching up, University of Utah demographer Pam Perlich said. The only way to stop the trend, she predicted, is to throw the state into a lasting economic slide.

But fear of Mexicans is just the tip of the iceberg.  White, middle-aged, born-agains are seeing their entire world go up in flames.

Radio stations they've listened to for ages now are in Spanish or Asian languages.  The local KFC may now be a El Pollo Loco.  Gays are not only marrying, but those unions seem to be outlasting straight ones.

People in their 60's are looking and acting younger.  Every sexual more seems to have been accpeted as normal except incest and bestiality, and they seem to be next.  Sweet songs of love have been supplanted with hard-edged tunes about fellatio and mastrubation.

America is no longer feared.  More laughed at than anything else.  Christianity seems to be losing out to Islam, Buddism, and even Scientology. Nothing is as people think it's supposed to be.

And on top of that.......on top of all that.......this great country is being run of.....them.

One of.......THEM.

Is it any wonder why, despite one of the most organized efforts to drive someone off the airwaves I have seen since the Smothers Brothers in the mid 1960's, Glenn Beck continues to to attract more than 2.3 million people.  And his advertisers are not the usual bunch either.  Gold coin sellers preaching that the only currecy that will be allowed after The New Troubles will be gold.  Survival food distributors.  The type of clients usually found on small market, ultra-rightest, the-illuminati-are-coming-to-get-you tak shows.

And it's more than that.  Beck's 9/12 movement has become, indeed, a politcal machine.  A machine that is beyond the control of the traditional GOP or even the Tea Party's queen bee, Sarah Palin.  It is the baggers who control THEM, not the other way around.

And they seem to be ready to die for their cause.  And kill.

A few weeks ago, this happened near El Paso:

The President has been strangly quiet about this.  The reasons for that I'll let you assume for yourselves.  The one question that can be asked here is....are there people in the United States, right now, who wish to conduct war on Mexico?

And it does not stop there.  We're not able to post it directly, but yesterday, Beck pained a grim picture of what he sees is what is coming this summer:

He has been painting this picture for months.  Ramping up prepare...prepare.  As if he is hoping for a civil war in America.

We might very well be on that path.  Add the video posted at the beginning of this blog with last Tuesday's election where we saw the ascension of one Sharron Angle, the woman who want's Harry Reid's job:

And all it would take is one event to set it all off.  I'll let you imagine what that event might entail.

But the teabaggers, in Arizona and elsewhere, are waiting for the signal to go.

Waiting impatiently.

Monday, June 07, 2010

How Pathetic Am I? This much......

In my eternal quest to figure out why I am alone and unpartnered at 55 (as well as un-a lot of things), I ran across this article in June/July, 2010 edition of Esquire. It's called "How a Man Ages....or Should."

After reading the article, I mad a conscious decision. To keep from committing hari kari, I decided to list the things I have not done. Maybe that way, I can figure it out.

With no relation to what I should have done by what age....

I have never posted any pictures of me shotgunning beers, smoking joints, or passed out from some combination. Mainly because I never did any of those things. Ever.

I have never read On the Road, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Deliverance (no...never saw the movie, either) or the Naked and the Dead. Too busy reading the LA Times...when it WAS the LA Times.

I didn't know who the hell Leonard Cohen is. Nor do I understand why women come when he sings.

I have never had a Scotch neat or messy. Never had a Manhattan. Never been to Manhattan.

I never rented, owned, or was able to fit into a tux.

I never used quotes from Porky's, though I do believe that Kaki Hunter is one of movies most unheralded comediennes.

I have never downloaded anything from a legal music source because, quite frankly, its the same putrid dreck that SonyWarnerEMI has been selling to fools for years.

I have never seen American Idol. But then I remember when Ellen was less and icon and America's Best Friend and more funny and My Future Wife.

In fact, every woman I have ever fallen in love with turned out to be gay, or leaned that way. Right, Sandra B.?

I do not look like my father. I Shaved my head to make sure.

Oh, and did I mention being bisexual. And fat. And Male. These days if the first two don't disqualify you, the third by itself certainly will.

And if you still insist on blowing that ray of sunshine up my ass to tell me that I am not really pathetic, that my life has worth and that I should love myself and all that, here is the one thing that cinches it....

I have seen "Howard the Duck" 12 times.

And enjoyed it.

Damn, I AM THAT pathetic.