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Friday, April 30, 2010

Video Village 04.30.10

Well, we're off to another weekend.  I will beasically be recovering from whatever happned to me yesterday.  DAMN, that too a lot out of me.

Now I really believe that Rush does not actually understand exactly what fuel he adds to the fire when he says things like this. When you say that you are now an "occupied country" from what seems to be a foriegn power, it does give people ideas about how to "remedy" the situation:

The difference between Glenn Beck and I is simple....whereas, "Something goes wrong" every time he's "absolutely right" about something, with me when something goes wrong, it PROVES I'M absolutly right!

More Beck: On his own mortality....

What is funny is that, I really understand where Beck is coming from.   No joke.  If you have seen the things I have seen and I were allowed to tell you the real truth about what's going on....well, all I can say is that I would dissapear like the Cheshire Cat...not even the smile would remain.  Now I am NOT saying what Beck yammers about is correct, but the truth is that there are certain things we do not want to know...and we have instituted rules to make sure that the truth never gets out.  I'm just saying....

And now as Beck has expanded to THREE blackboards (soon he'll have to do his show in letterbox Cinerama if this keeps up), he defends his conspiracy theories...

Now the #BoycottAZ protests are now spreading to all things Arizona.  Including Arizona Ice Tea.  Made in Noo Yawk. Damn, you're dumb.

In Chicago, they protested the law via the Arizona Diamondbacks, in town to face the Cubbies:

Oh, BTW, The D'Backs beat the cubs 13-5. Focus, people, focus!

Time now for last night's worsts:

Now, going back to the boycotts, seriously they are growing....

Wait a second.....say that again, Duncan.....

What a racist asshole.

Saving the best for last for last, Rachel Maddow's epic smackdown with the leader of FAIR, the group partially responsible for the mess Arizona finds itself in.

Here is 19 minutes and 22 seconds worth of the reason I love this woman!

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