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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Video Village 04.28.10

Well, instead of posting a lot of individual vidoes, I thought we'd try one big post perday (maybe 2) to help you out.

First idiot: Brian Killjoy...errrr....Killmeade of Fox & Fiends about the Police State Law in AZ:

If you are sooooooooooo worried about drugs, here's an idea, KillMe.....LEGALIZE 'EM!

Now, last night, I was thinking to myself as the AZ Police State law has at least 17 levels of evil attached to it, what would stop that Buford Pusser wannabe in AZ from putting the President in jail for not "showing his papers."  Low and behold, it seem the King of Oxycontin had the very same thought:

Paper=Nazi.  You see, even Rush has figured it out.

Here's Beckola, commenting on the fact that GM PAID BACK ALL THE BAILOUT MONEY AHEAD OF TIME WITH INTEREST.....dufus!

Look, I have a problem with GM too.  Their brakes work just as well as Toyota's accelerators.  But give the guy a break, GM IS back, and people ARE buying those government-owned cars.  Is that a way to treat a former sponsor, Glenn?  Considering how few you have left, now?

Now for something positive: Shep Smith may not agree with how I feel about things, but he is the one person at FoxNews who truly IS fair and balance.  Note his interview about Obama "appealing to his base..."

Yes, Smith is a rightie, and yes it shows, but he seems to, at least, make a concious effort to give both sides equal amounts of grief.  Hell, this man is more balanced than CNN....and why the guys in Atlanta have not tried to snap this man up is beyond me.

Now last night's Worst Person's from @KeithOlbermann:

Finally. here's @maddow.  As I said last night on Twitter, do you people in Arizona realize EXACTLY who you are in bed with?

If you like this format I'll do more of it.  If you REALLY like if, put some money in th pot on the right. Your friendly neighborhood newsboy needs to eat, ya know.

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