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Monday, April 12, 2010

My World...and Welcome to it.

Last week, Keith Olbermann began a series of features called "Fridays with Thurber."  James Thurber, the iconclastic humorist/artist, was the favorite author of Keith's dad.  And it was a story of Thurber's that Keith read as his father began that final journey.

On the first episode, Keith read a short take called "A Box to Hide In."  I posted that story on Twitter, only it was read by the great raconteur Jean Shepard.  The story held great meaning for me, because for the longest time I wanted a box to hide in.

Here is Mr. Olbermann's reading, with background on Thurber.

So when I heard that, it made me interested in Thurber's work.  And then, popped a memory from my sordid past.

At a time when NBC's prime time offerings were run by people who had a bit more imagination....and courage (please renew Heroes)...the network put on something on Monday nights called My World and Welcome To It.  Somebody must of thought that people may have been smart enough to understand Thurber...and it could be easier to swallow if it were placed in the form of a standard one-camera sitcom.

That person was Sheldon Leonard.  The orginal embodiement of all things Damon Runyon, whose brilliance  went so far as thing such as Make Room For Daddy, The Andy Griffith Show, and The Dick Van Dyke Show. In short..the man was a genius.

And the cast he assembled was prime: William Windom, a character actor of considerable range who, up until then, was know as the Mr. Morley to Inger Stevens' Farmer's Daughter. Joan Hotchkiss went on to play Oscar's GF on The Odd Couple, and Lisa Gerritsen went on to play the precocious daughter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
It lasted one glorious season.

So now, via YouTube.....complete with peacock, the eternal curmudgeons Henry Morgan and Ray Walston, and 1969 a bit of brilliance.

It's My World.......and Welcome To It.

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