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Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have not heard Keith Olbermann's Special Comment of last night, Feb, 24th, past the words "My father asked me to kill him."

I knew that, from listening to the parts of the program of last night leading up to that part, that my admiration for the man now goes beyond what I had for him.  How he was able to show up for work last night at all was amazing.

Theodore Olbermann is dying.  As a man who lost his own father not too long ago, I can only imagine what Keith is going through.  Tonight, he will not be hosting Countdown.  One thinks it won't be for a long time.

Now I was raised to believe that if a person is going through hard times, even if that person was someone you loathed, you offered prayers and good wishes. I have often critisized Laura Ingraham, for example, for her being slightly to the right of a certian Hun.  But in 2005, Ingraham was diagnosed with breast cancer.  You could find no one at that time rooting harder for her.  (By the way, as I wrote this she is surviving, and I am happy to see her healthy and happy.  Meaning I can go back to calling her the InGraham Cracker again)

Keith Olbermann rakes muck, and sometimes the muck gets thrown back at him.  He is used to it.  But at a time like this, when a man who just lost his mom could be hours away from losing his dad, one would think that people on the opposition would honor that man's grief, both current and future.

And I am sure that even Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck would honor that.

But as I have often said, it is not the media, it is us.

In an article recapping Olbermann's emotional comment about health care and how all of this is coming down at a time in which he is dealing with the health care system in the most tragic way, among the well wishes and notes of sincere sympathy cam some of the most vile sayings one can think of. They were matched, and in some cases, exceeded, by the verbal vomit spewed by the vermin posing as posters on Here are some highlghts:

I don’t believe a word of his manipulative story.
Reading this made me think of a well-known phrase - the “criminally insane”. Olbermann may not be, but he certainly sounds like it.
Irish Rose

Keith, you are a wealthy guy, why aren’t you properly taking care of your father? Why is it you expect others to pay for and take of care of your father?
What a sleaze ball.
By the way, DB, if you listened closely to what Olbermann said, you would have heard the part where he WAS taking care of his dad.
Maybe we would want to die too, if we had Keith Olbermann for a son???

And on, and on.

What ghouls we have become.  Too filled with our hatred for those we disagree with to forget that our adversaries have a common trait with us....they're human.

Yes, Olbermann and Cheney and Bush and Obama...all of them and all of us are human.  People who are born, grow-up, live and existence...if not a life...and, eventually die.  Humans who deserve laughter in times of joy and comfort in times of sorrow.

These are people who are parents, like us, who would do anything to protect our children, even if they are in the public eye.  People who celebrate the good times. And mourn when they suffer loss.

In 1943, The Kansan newspaper, The Emporia Gazette was then, as it is now, a Republican paper. Will White, its crusty editor was just as Republican. And he could not stand the policies of the President.

But when Roosevelt returned from the Casablanca Conference that was the beginning of the end for Hitler, White published these words, which two years later would serve as a eulogy for the man who was the thorn in the side of the Grand Old Party for 16 years...

"Well, it is now 60 hours since the Old Smiler returned to the White House from his great adventure. . . . Biting nails—good, hard, bitter Republican nails—we are compelled to admit that Franklin Roosevelt is the most unaccountable and on the whole the most enemy-baffling President that this United States has ever seen. He has added a certain vast impudent courage to a vivid but constructive imagination and he has displayed his capacity for statesmanship in the large and simple billboard language that the common people can understand. . . . Well, darn your smiling old picture, here it is! Here, reluctantly amid seething and snorting, it is. We, who hate your gaudy guts, salute you."


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WIldmon Watch: Pepsi Capitulates

Another sad chapter in the never-ending saga of one man's battle against common sense and decency. 

For months, Rev. Donald Wildmon (affectionatly called "NoNeck" in these bloggings" and his American Family ASSociation have been ridig Pepsico because it committed the cardinal sin of actually giving money to GLBT-positive groups like Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG).  The ordered a boycott of Pepsico products.

That meant I drank more Pepsi than I usually do.

But now it seems that Pepsi has, as many have, bowed-down to King No-Neck:

PepsiCo practices reflect change; AFA suspends boycott
February 12, 2010
American Family Association (AFA) has suspended its boycott of PepsiCo. After monitoring the company for several months, AFA is satisfied the company has withdrawn its major financial contributions to gay activist groups.

AFA launched a boycott of PepsiCo after the company made $500,000 donations to Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) in 2008. Records from PepsiCo, HRC and PFLAG indicate repeat donations did not occur in 2009.

AFA President Tim Wildmon said more than 500,000 people signed the Boycott PepsiCo Pledge.

Wildmon said a few minor issues remain, and AFA will continue to bring these to the attention of PepsiCo. “We feel we have made our point," he said. "Boycotts have been a last resort for us at AFA, and the PepsiCo boycott was started to address issues of concern to us – especially the promotion of the homosexual agenda in the culture. AFA will continue to challenge major U.S. companies to remain neutral in the culture wars rather than to use their resources to promote controversial issues.”

What else can be said?  How do you fight ignorance when it seems that ignorance has become the rule of the day?  When a country seems to accept the lie rather than the truth.

And where were the truth-tellers to fight this man.  I seem to be the only person going after this false prophet. you think just because a non-conservative is in the White House, turds like Wildmon should be ignored? By now, non-hetros should know that they do not truly have a friend in the White House (unless a certain Executive Order is being crafted as we speak, which we doubt.).  Am I the only one who is exposing Donald and Tim Wildmon for the would-be Klansman that they are?

Take Roy Moore (or as we called him when he was Cheif Justice on the Alabama Supreme Court, Judge "Dolemite (because his name is similar to Dolemite's creator, Rudy RAY Moore)."  This is the man who not only wanted to place a two-ton rock in front of the SCOAL front yard, but intemated in a anti-gay ruling that he was not that much against excecution of gays.  This is the man who has founded The Foundation of Moral Law which seemingly thinks of the separation of chruch and state as an inconvienent joke.

Now, not only is this clown running for Governor of this state, and that he is rocking the TeaParty house at their functions, but his foundation is planning a rally this weekend, seemingly to support a second Southern split from the Union.

Now should one worry if Moore should wind up as Governor?  Yes.  He's not leading the chancellor Brad Byrne leads AL Republicans with 20% of folks willing to vote for him...Moore is a close second with 17%

Add that to the fill-in-the-blank phobes populating the Tea Bag parties, plus the efforts of Wildmon and hsi bunch and things do not look good.

And unless the inetellegent not only step up defeats Wildmon and his ilk, kith, and kin, it will only get worse.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Glenn Beck on Joe Stack

Say what you will about Glenn Beck, but there is no doubt to anyone that the man is one hell of a communicator.  As he breaks down the actions and motives of Joe Stack, the man who flew a plane into the building that held the Austin, TX offices of the Internal Revenue Service.

The one thing as you hear his monolouge that it does not matter what your ideology is or his.  He killed innocent people and that is wrong.

What is interesting to me is that, he says that "you don't want 'these kind of people' around you..."  Then explain this....

Not only were you around them last weekend, Mr. Beck, but you were their keynote speaker.

But let's stay with the first part of Beck's screed, which was right on.  THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR KILLING PEOPLE. This morning on Good Morning America, Stack's daughter said this:

AUSTIN, Texas -- The daughter of a man who crashed his small plane into a building housing offices of the Internal Revenue Service called her father a hero for his anti-government views but said his actions, which killed an IRS employee, were "inappropriate."

Joe Stack's adult daughter, Samantha Bell, spoke to ABC's "Good Morning America" from her home in Norway. Asked during a phone interview broadcast Monday if she considered her father a hero, she said: "Yes. Because now maybe people will listen."

Authorities say Stack, 53, targeted the IRS office building in Austin on Thursday, killing employee Vernon Hunter and himself, after posting a ranting manifesto against the agency and the government. He apparently set fire to his home before flying his plane into the office building.

Hunter's son, Ken Hunter, said he's alarmed by comments that the pilot was a hero.

"How can you call someone a hero who after he burns down his house, he gets into his plane ... and flies it into a building to kill people?" Hunter told ABC." "My dad Vernon did two tours of duty in Vietnam. My dad's a hero."

Bell said she offered her deepest condolences to Hunter's family. She said her father's last actions were wrong.

"But if nobody comes out and speaks up on behalf of injustice, then nothing will ever be accomplished," she told ABC. "But I do not agree with his last action with what he did. But I do agree about the government...." 

Now there are people of midsets left and right who have called Samantha Bell  out on this.  Actress Marlee Matlin, for instance (from her Twitter account)

@MarleeMatlin About the Joe Stack ordeal, I completely agree with you. I think his daughter is really brainwashed to be calling him a
But then, there is this:

In the note, signed "Joe Stack (1956-2010)" and dated Thursday, he said he slowly came to the conclusion that "violence not only is the answer, it is the only answer."

And some people on Facebook couldn't agree more.

"Finally an American man took a stand against our tyrannical government that no longer follows the Constitution," wrote Emily Walters of Louisville, Ky.

The problem I am having is that there are people who are now at the end of their incdividual and collective ropes.  There are some who are seeing the lifestyle they have lived for so long change.  The President is different, the government is different.  Traditions thay have held on to for centuries, some right...many wrong, are changing.  Nothing seems to make sense.  People find themselves out of date, or not compatable with the world around them.

Then there are others who have never fit in....wanting what the majority have, but what the majority say that can never have, believing if certain things are accepted, the Wrath Of God would decend upon them (though in many cases, some of those same members of the Majority are actually misfits in stealth).

They have done the things that people have said they should do.  They voted.  They got involved. They were good citizens. 

All for nothing.

When people get desparate, they do desparate things.

Joe Stack was not the first.  I fear he will not be the last.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

An urgent request from polybi

I have never done this ever before thriough this.  And I do not think I will do this again.

But I need your help. 

The economic downturn had effected me greatly, and I to get some things taken care of or I am in pretty pickle. So I am turning to you to help.

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else, and anything I have posted has been of some beneifit to you, or enflamed you to do something, please help ourt by putting something in the tip jar to  the left of this message. You donation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again

Don aka polybi

Monday, February 01, 2010

Progressive talker removes Conservaties in Palm Springs

Here's a switch:

The long-awaited plan to move Oldies KDES-F/PALM SPRINGS west into the INLAND EMPIRE market has been approved by the FCC, meaning that several stations on the PALM SPRINGS radio dial will be changing TODAY (2/1).

ROY LAUGHLIN's LC MEDIA LP is buying and moving KDES-F to REDLANDS, reducing the station's power from 41,000 watts to 1.450 watts to enable the move to the more populous SAN BERNARDINO-RIVERSIDE area.

The move will be accompanied by several other changes, with the KDES format an calls moving to the 98.5 FM frequency occupied by R&R BROADCASTING Beautiful Music/Adult Standards KWXY. The KWXY format will move 1340 AM, with Talk KPTR-A moving to 1450 AM replacing Talk KGAM-A.

KPTR is a progressive talk station.  The move will eliminate KGAM, a talk station the features talkers like Michael Savage and Laura Ingraham.

Sometimes, we win one!