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Friday, January 15, 2010

The real villians...

My reaction to the ugly drama between Mssrs. Leno and O'Brien.

No one is mentioning who are the true villians in this melodrama: The imbecilic dufuses better know as AFFILIATES! These A-holes have been complaining about NBC's performance since this started, mainly because they didn't have that blockbuster lead in for their sorry local newscasts.

If these pie...ces of human feces would simply spend more time trying to create a news product that people will watch instead of blaming The Network for all their troubles, we would not be in this mess. Remember, Leno was making and saving NBC more money that they could have spent on really bad traditional programming. Not to mention Conan was doing very well in his spot.

And its not just the NBC affils. It's all over. I was in broadcasting for 20 years and I know what vermin local station managers are. And if Conan goes to FOX, he'll have the same problems. The reason Leno is where he is is that his tounge is almost irremovably attached to the affiliates asses, as was Carson, and apperently Letterman.

Unfortunatly, nothing can be done here. All I can do is feel sorry for the poot talent that has to endure the affiliate upfronts, smile at the same dorks and pseudowhores show displaye their local charm every year, and for the poor network who cannot truly innovate because they have to keep that porker of a GM at WFUK in BumFoo, Indiana happy.

But you got your wish. No more Leno at nine. Hope you're satisfied. Oh, I've got four words for you mukluks:

My Own Worst Enemy.

Enjoy, a-holes.

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