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Friday, December 18, 2009

They ARE Planning Civil War.......

Meet Lou Engle.

Pastor Engle is the co-founder of something called the Call, a Pentacostal minstry that has gotten a lot of press lately, basically because of the Pastor's concerns about rampant ho-mo-sex-u-wal-lit-tee in America, as well as his concerns about all Americans getting health care.  He's not for it.

But we are talking about Pastor Engle for one specific reason.  If you have followed me on Twitter, you have seen me reference something I called Civil War II. The attempt by a group of uber-right, uber-xtian, most cases..uber-Caucasian folks to try to "right this ship" an return this country to its true roots, where gays only were seen if the guy was decorating your living room and the woman was driving a truck, where your 7-Eleven was not assisted-managed by someone  named Abdul, where women stayed home, kids stayed quiet, the only thing on TV was Leave It To Beaver.

Oh, and of course, the country was not run by a Negro.

I have said that these people were planning acts of violence.  Some say I had gone over the edge, others just simply ignored me.

Now I have proof.  Thank you Rachel Maddow.

This is from the 12.16.09 episode of Ms Maddow's MSNNNNNNBC program, part of a large discussion of the HCR debate gone looney, but I managed to clip this from that segment.

It is jawdropping...

Note Rachel's question....what's the step after this?

If you have followed the Tea Parties and the 9/12 projects for the last few months and you allowed your imaginations to go to their logical places, you may have figured out the answer.

God helps us.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The driving force is not a new phenomenon. It's one as the last Civil War. It's caused Lost Cause theology. Learn the term, and dig up all the old books on it.