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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

This is what it took. This is what it may take.

This day, non-hetrosexuals in this country awoke to the startling realization that in this supposed land of the free, having those freedoms would be based on how the mob feels about you.

And gays, Lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders, as well as others who live outside of the so-called norms, found out last night in Maine and other states that if they could wipe them all out, the mob would.

Of course there are those who feel that. And those who still have humanity enough to fight that.

But after all of the marches and speeches and activism and over 2000 episodes of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, a neutered country is not responsive to those who scream, "We are human, too."

The same screams that Negroes in the south (what we call blacks or African-Americans today) that were echoed by Martin Luther King in February of 1963. But it was not the impassioned-but-peaceful oratory of Dr. King that got Americans to pass the Civil Rights Act of the following year. Not an act of peace, but an act that was marked as one of the most horrendous of that or any other time.

It was Bull Connor and the Dogs of Birmingham...

My question is this.....will it take an act this horrendous to force America to give non-hetrosexuals the same rights as hetros. Would Birmingham have to be played out all over again.?