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Saturday, September 19, 2009

You lying, stinking,scheming, nasty, sack of liquid crap! (plink..plink)

You have probably seen this ad in your major market newspaper a few days ago. It was trumpeting that Fox News Channel seemed to be the only news outlet in America to cover the Pissed-Off White People's.....errrrr....Tax Protest rally last Saturday.

Now, forget estimates about who showed up....anywhere from 35K to 2 Million, depending on who you ask and who's side they're on. It was a lot of people, and that usually means cameras. But if you read this ad, you would think that FNC was the only outlet that covered what was essentially a publicity stunt for FNC's Glenn Beck and his 9/12 Project.

But what Fox is finding out is that you do not lie in a promo. Especially when one of the targets has under their hire on Rick Sanchez.

He's cute when he's pissed.

But it was not just CNN.......You said NBC did not missed the what's this??

Here is coverage from CBS News, properly connecting the march to the "9/12 Project":;contentBody

CBS also " said it had 'multiple crews' at the rally and made it the lead story on the "CBS Evening News." CBS Radio News offered hourly reports and had the story in its rotating lead throughout the day" (;contentBody)

Oh....and talk about "missing the story?" Here is a ABC/GMA report ANTICIPATING that rally the day before: And here is another ABC/GMA report the day after:

Missed the story? You jackasses CREATED the God-damned story.

And not only created egged it on! Here is a story from Media Matters. Notice the two videos. The one on top shows a producer egging on the sheep. The bottom shows the finished product.

And I can go on. From the non-fact checking on that ACORN video that had the worker going BORAT on your asses, to the fact that you announced that the Pope was dead days before he really died, all the way to the Thursday after 9/11 when you boasted that there was a little pocket under that rubble where there were survivors, food, and water. In reality, no food, no water. No survivors.

In being a editorial cheerleader for the right, you have no equal. But as a news organization, you have no business calling yourselves journalists.

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