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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Difference between Us and Them.

The cringeworthyness of what has been coming out of the mouths of our daily bloviators on both sides has been one of the myriad reasons for my near-nervous breakdown of the past week. I am being very serious when I tell you that it got so bad that suicide truly was an option, for I could no longer function on a planet gone haywire.

But there have been things that have caused me to back off. The caring of friends on and off line. And this:

Monday, Keith Olbermann declared war on Glenn Beck. After Beck's relentless hammering of Van Jones, which lead to his sneaking-Sally-down-the-alley resignation on Saturday night (supposedly to miss the bedtimes of the Sunday papers.....they still don't understand Twitter), Olbermann came on TV from 30 Rock with both guns blazing

But the difference between "us" and "them" is that "we" sometimes listen to common sense....or whatever passes for that. And on rare occasions....we actually heed:

A couple of things. It was weaved-around throughout Olbermann's monologue and interview, but the real ememies here are not Beck or Jones or Olbermann. It is the very zombies Olbermann talks about. These zombies....aka, the American people....believed all the bullshit about Obama being a Kenyan, a Marxist, a racist, possibly even the guy at NBC who ordered the death of Elle Bishop on Heroes. Of course he's none of those things, but they believed them. The zombies were looking for that Lone Voice In The Wilderness to actually speak The Truth as they knew it. First came Limbaugh, then O'Reilly. But Beck has combined showmanship and his ability to embarass himself to parlay it all into being the Great Leader of the RightieZombies.

The LeftieZombies, many of whom still think it's 1963, decided to stage a boycott and gave anyone whose ads wound up on Becks TV show an ultimatum: stop "supporting" beck or feel our wrath. Apparently the advertisers got the message, 60 have fled Beck's FOX show, though since the numbers came from Media Matters, you would think that count would be a bit high.

But two things the LeftieZombies forgot. (A) RightieZombies tend to rally around their martyrs. So as the number of advertisers leaving the show went up, so did the number of RightieZombies viewing: 2.5 million. And with that, those hawkers who left will quietly, sheepishly, return.

Then there's (B): The LZ's forgot one other thing: Beck's RADIO show. He reminds his zombies....and advertisers....that he has The Third Most Listened-To Program In America daily. So maybe that is why Wal-Mart publically opted out of Glenn's TV show....but Wal-Mart spots on Beck's RADIO show were heard last week.

My fear is that Zombies, once fed enough red meat, tend to stop following their leaders and go off on their own, even more voracious as before. And what Beck has started, he may not be able to stop. Because all it would take is one person...or a small group of people...who feel the only way to save America is to rid it of the one thing that is destroying it. Many of us know what THEY think is that one thing, but in truth, that one thing is.....US. Our phobias that we have allowed to eat away at our brains until we oppose anything that will advance the country physically, financially, sexually, morally. It is the mob...the people of America, by and large, which are its own worse enemies, destroying her from the inside.

Then there is one other thing...maybe related, maybe not. But note something that is said at the 8:24-8:37 spot of the youtube clip posted.

Yup, Glenn and Keith work in THE SAME BUILDING! As a matter of fact, I would assume a few NBC lawyers had a very nice talk with Glenn about saying he was broadcasting from Radio City, seeing that its an NBC trademark.

And Keith's battles with a certain King of the Falafels has definitely raised both their profiles, ratings, and amounts in their respective bank accounts. So it would not be out of question for Beck to think that he could benefit from such a situation.

And it would not be out of the question to imagine that on some Wednesday night in Rockefeller Center's Rainbow Room, two nattily dressed, sandy-haired chubby, the other taller and bespectacled, sitting in a corner, sipping on their respective Manhattans. And laughing hysterically about the individual groups of goobers they broadcast to on a nightly basis.

Keep away from the noose, Don................Keep away from the noose......

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