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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Voice of Reason

No one would ever confused Fox News anchor Shepard Smith as a bleeding heart liberal.  He, like most of the people who populate FNC, is a right of center as it gets.

But that does not mean that he, and others to the right, are not decent human beings.  I think from time-to-time, some have to live up to thier image of bombast and leave the decency at home. 

Shep has never been that type of guy.  He wears his honesty on his sleeve.  Liek the time he had to school Sean Hannity on what was really important in New Orleans a few days after the levees broke....


Which brings us to the torture memos recently released by the GWB adminstration.  The revelation that this country ever had anything to do with "enhanced interrogation techniques" raised raised many a persons blood pressure in most places in this country...except at the HQ of Fox News. But it did trouble one man.

And that one man was asking the questions in a discussion of the memos on his Fox Report program:



Well said, but that was nothing compared to the outburst that happened on Fox's Stratagy Room, an online-only program.  It is then that Smith really hit the ceiling.


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