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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Real Tammy Bruce (it ain't pretty)

Today a lot of me fellow liberals who toil in talk radio were taking to task a certain Tammy Bruce, who while filling in on the radio for Laura In-GrahamCracker....errrr...Ingraham, took great pains to comment on a visit First Lady Michelle Obama made to a schoolroom earlier in the week.

Let's listen shall we?

Now I can go into what I went through as a black kid with a "white-sounding" voice, not only in school but at home too. But I won't. This is, after all, not about Mrs. Obama, but about Ms. Bruce. And the fact that my fellow non-conservatives have it all wrong about her.

Not that she is a racist slag. That is evident in the words she uses, not only against Michelle Obama, but as far back as 10 years ago when she attacked Bill and Camille Cosby.

"I have two words for you this evening," (Tammy Bruce) warned listeners.
"Camille Cosby." The Tammy, as fans affectionately call her, then went
ballistic. In two hours of fire and brimstone, she ripped apart the essay line
by line, not only questioning Camille's sanity but wondering aloud about her
super-rich and powerful husband's sexual mores, referring to him as a
"philandering, impregnating friend of O.J. Simpson." While acknowledging that
she had no proof, she suggested that the revered Cosby, a friend of Simpson
lawyer Johnnie Cochran, may have secretly helped to fund the ex-football star's
murder defense. But most of her ire was aimed at Camille's assertion that the
27-year-old Ennis had been shot to death while changing a tire late at night
near a lonely stretch of Mulholland Drive because he was black. Bruce posited
that he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time-while driving his
mother's $130,000 Mercedes-Benz. She then implied that the parents themselves
shared the blame. "I say to Mrs. Cosby first of all, if she's not in therapy she
needs to get some immediately. And how dare she!"

After which KFI/Los Angeles, her employer at the time, not to mention the station that helped initially give Rush Limbaugh is national pulpit...among other right-wing blowhards, had to apologize ten times for those remarks. This from a program director that, after the many outrageous thing said by his hosts, thought an apology was akin to the plague.

This led to Ms Bruce being terminated by KFI. Tammy filed suit:

Former KFI-AM (640) overnight host Tammy Bruce, who last year came
under fire for critical remarks she made on the air about Bill and Camille
Cosby, has filed suit against the station and key personnel on charges that
include sex discrimination, discrimination due to sexual orientation, wrongful
termination, sexual harassment and slander.

Named as defendants in the lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior
Court, are Cox Radio-owned KFI, Program Director David G. Hall, General Manager
Howard Neal and nighttime host Phil Hendrie.

Neal, speaking for the station, said Thursday: "We can't comment." He
said he had not yet received a copy of the lawsuit.

In the 27-page suit, filed March 16, Bruce did not ask for a specific
dollar amount but says at several points that the damages she sustained are
"greatly in excess of $50,000." Her lawyer, Patricia Bellasalma, said Bruce
seeks compensation for "back pay, front pay, pain, suffering and emotional
Bruce, 36, who is openly gay and a former president of the Los
Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women, was suspended by KFI
last July 10, following her July 8-9 broadcast that criticized the Cosbys and
prompted them to complain to management. Hall and Neal went on the air Aug. 19
and 20 to apologize for Bruce's remarks. Later, the station said that her
contract was not being renewed.

In her suit, Bruce charges that she was "disparately treated" in the
Cosby case, contending that KFI had neither suspended nor apologized for male
hosts who had been the subject of complaints or civil actions. She also charges
that, independent of and long before the Cosby controversy, she had complained
to Hall about derogatory remarks and harassment of her by various employees
regarding her sexual orientation. The behavior did not cease and constituted a
hostile work environment, the suit says--extending even to KFI's Web site, where
it says derogatory remarks were made about her even after she was no longer on
the air.
Among Bruce's charges is that Hendrie both made and attempted
unwanted physical contact with her at his wedding in July 1997, that thereafter
he called her a derogatory name when passing in the hallway, and that he used
other crude language about her sexual orientation on his program.

Reached at her home, Bruce said filing the suit was "an important thing
to do, not only for the unfairness that occurred directly in that environment
but because this is what I have stood for in all my activism, to encourage women
to stand up for themselves."

Yes, sexual orientation. For you see, Tammy Bruce is not just as right-wing racist harpie. She is a LESBIAN right-wing racist harpie.

She is openly Lesbian, though you would not know it by what she says on the radio, being anti-GLAAD and all.

But this same so-called "Progressive Lesbian" cut her teeth as a member of ACT-UP. You remember ACT-UP, The uppity gays who protested loudly and sometimes violently to promote....wait for it....THE GAY AGENDA!

Yes, every time Mzz. Bruce tries to stick a new one into the President about his involvement in ACORN, let us not forget that Tammy was involved in a organization that many believed was linked to domestic terrorism (

In our neighborhood, there is a phrase used for people whose walk and talk seem more than slightly hypocritial. That phrase seems well suited to Ms. Bruce.

"Tammy, you should talk...."

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