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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The REAL Reason why Jon Stewart Hates Jim Cramer, CNBC, and all things NBC:

Bites you ass, doesn't it Jon.
Yes, that could have been you standing there in front of the fake LA set instead of The Chin.
That could be you with 5 million people a night instead of your're paltry 1.6. Wrestling get bigger numbers.
Yes it could have been you, considering that Ben Silverman, NBC head actually was trying to court you to come into the storied NBC Late Night mix last year (proof:
Who turned it down? you did, brother
So that could have been YOU Jonny, boy, about to make prime-time history. Instead, you are, and shall always be, Cartman's lead-in. more thing. The smackdown with Jim Cramer tonight (another worthless piece of crap). You might want to go easy on him. You see he knows about money (even though neither one of you are willing to say the word DEPRESSION for where we are now), and you might need his advice, seeing that CBS/Viacom pays you only $1.5 million.
And The Chin takes home. $30 million.
How DOES the peacock's ass tastes, Jon, huh?

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