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Friday, March 06, 2009

Brain Droppings for 3.6.6

Lots on my mind. And I can't twit it all.


Did someone get to those judges yesterday? It seems pretty funny that the same court that gave gays the right to marry now seems hellbent (or is it heavenbent?) to strip it away? I know that the NeoXians who engineered this are capable of a level of threat and terrorizing that would equal Al Capone, but one has to wonder how far did they go in influencing the judges.

If H8 is upheld, what people do not know is that these NeoXians will not stop there. After finding a way neutralize non-hetrosexual permanently (short of execution, though I am sure it has crossed the minds of some), the will come after YOU. In thier not-so-public papers thet are talking up how living together increases divorce. Maybe they'd like to re-criminalize co-habitation? Maybe even criminalize divorce.

What H8 WILL say if uphelad is to tel three million or so people that they are no longer wanted around these parts. And other states, infected with the same religeous fervor, may join. We don't want you....and anyone who supports you can go.

Legal disenfranchisment.


Speaking of dis enfranchisement....

I know that the Neos have beem praying for some sort of uncivil upheaval for some time. Will a economic disaster that started in the Bush adminstration, and goot worse during thefirst months of the country's First Black President be the trigger? Already people like Limbaugh and the above-noted Beck seem to be sowing the seeds of it, half-heartedly sayin g that they really would love not to have this happen....but in thier innards they do. Oh God, how t hey do.

But what if all of these "Bubba's" who feel they had thier freedoms taken away had to deal with the aforementioned millions who actually did (see H8). Beck, you may get your civil wat, but the end may not be what you wanted.


Finally, some memos:

To my doctor: it great to know that your man is back in your arms. Now stop fretting about trivia like followers. Rest, enjoy your man. A more impotrtant fight is coming and we need you and any allies you have full strength.

Stephanie Miller: were only JOKING? I'm not.

Tim Kring, Bryan Fuller, Ben Silverman: re HEROES: STOP. THE. KILLING. NOW!! (PS: bring back Elle.)

Darren Bell, creator of Candorville: I love your strip...but the Vampire/wolf thing is jumping the shartk big time. Cut it out!

Randi Rhodes: Sober up and get back to work. How many times do I have to tell you, I am 53, black, fat, bisexual, and poor. I do not fit your idea of compatablity with any woman (that includes any other dating site or social network either). Just stop.

Sarah Palin: for the love of God and the GOP, GROW SOME, WOMAN!!!

Belladonna, Ali Larter, Susan Block, Nina Hartley, Michell Obama: Can someone tell me how to mix these into the perfect woman?

Any single woman: Yes I'm begging. Yes, I'm that desperate. Yes, I'm that pathetic.

One more:

Good day.

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