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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Why I Feel Like an Alien Today.

I am "boycotting" the National Football League Championship Game.

No I will not call it the "S---- B---" because, quite frankly it is not that s----.

The NFL Twitted this morning that there were a crowd of people in a Tampa church this morning and someone dipped a Steelers "Terrible Towel" in holy water. If there was any possible way I could be interested in this, that killed it.

And no, I am not interested in seeing The Boss on my TV. The last time he has anything close to a hit was "The Rising" in 2001, and it only got up to #61 on the charts.

In fact, the only part of all of this would be the Heroes promo that is running (what if the specials were in the NFL). But I'll see it tommorrow in YouTube.

Which brings me to Commandment #2 and what the NFL really is. You know, the one that said "thou shaltt no have any Gods before me?" Now you know what a sh-tstorm John Lennon created when he said that the Beatles "were more popular than Jesus.." Had he replaced "The Beatles" with "The National Football League," would he have been more accurate?

Face it, it is the NFL, not Christianity, that is the national faith. We worship from its gleaming temples, and we give it tribute every Sunday. And Monday. And occasionally Saturday and Sunday.

Plus, the gloat. What should be a simple game has become this......thing. The only thing that rivals it was that writhing clothed orgy in the Cecil B. DeMille version of "The Ten Commandments."

I do hope you enjoy the game. I truly do. Just do not mind if I sit this one out, thank you.

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