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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Update: Nova M Becomes On Second Thought.

Before I say anything.....who came up with such a crappy name?

I mean, I thought Nova M made no sense, but ON SECOND THOUGHT????? C'mon guys. You need marketing people. BADLY!

Ok, here is as much as I know at this hour: Nova M folded this morning.

The line up is Nancy Skinner 3-6p ET, Mike Malloy 9-Mid ET, and some guy named Dr. Mike Newcomb. They also said that they would be expanding.

The website is now an OST overlay with many mentions of Randi Rhodes still on there (if this were Clear Channel or CBS, they would have been gone by 3am).

Here is the official statement from the night janitor who's now running Nova M/OST:


On Second Thought Radio Network has been formed to bring you Nancy Skinner,
Dr. Mike Newcomb, Mike Malloy and more to come!

Please continue to drop by as we change the site over and grow this NEW
LIBERAL NETWORK which is based, appropriately, in Phoenix.We will be honoring
all existing subscriptions from Nova M, and the old web addresses will continue
to work along with our NEW address which is;

An official press release detailing our future plans will be forthcoming
shortly. If you have any comments or suggestions please forward them to;

Ben Burch
Chief Technical Officer
On Second Thought Radio Network
"Talk Radio for independent minds"


Meanwhile, the NeoGoons have been having a feild day with this:

"." The free market continues to be at work weeding out shows that most folks
don't want to listen to."

Well, NB, if that's the case ALL of talk radio should start worrying. I live in Los Angeles, Yakk Radio capitol of the USA. The new ratings just came out. ALL of the talk stations in the LA market had down books. ALL. OF. THEM.

Plus, when you add ALL informational programming (news and talk), you get about 13% of the market. Now if you are in marketing, that's great, but we're talking real people, so the question is: what are the other 87% listening to? Well, if you're not Spanish, you're probably listening to Old Steely Dan, Old BeeGees, or and enless loop if Britney Slut detailing what she's do to Amy when she finally finds her.

In other words guys, NOBODY'S LISTENING TO YOU!

Only us policy wonks who hang on every word that either Olberman or Limbuagh gives as shit. Everyone else is trying to get concert tickets.

And don't think the Fairness Doctrine will do you any good. It will kill talk radio, but not in the way the NeoGoons think. You see, as the Nova M situation has showed us, most radio management and programming people are, in essence, slugs. Thier main goal is to get out of as much work as possible. A fairness doctrine means work: filling out papers, making sure the FCC is happy, but most important, it means actually doing some real PROGRAMMING! BUt with a pop/country/oldies/anything but talk or news format, all you have to do is point the satellite in the general direction and play Briney/Keith Urban/Snoop Dog/Zepplin all day, and go back to chasing the receptionist.

If the Good Guys really want to make sure that Progressive Radio has a chance, they have to do the one thing they seem unwilling to do: BUY STATIONS. I'm not talking about leasing time, buying the damned stick, putting radio people in charhe instead of true believers, hire some sales people who bleed Zig Ziglar, and actually program a station people will listen too.

Its that simple.

Meanwhile, Randi Rhodes is in seculsion.

If progressive radio does go down because of this, you and the Drobny's will have a lot of 'spainin' to do, Loooo-cee.

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