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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Fighting the dead

I had...emphasize HAD...a network on a platform called SocialGo. It was an Adult platform. Now I knew it was in Beta, and I knew changes were coming...but I was not prepared for THIS..

Hi there,

We’d like to say a massive Thank you! to all the network owners that
have established ‘mature content’ networks on SocialGO during BETA. We are
committed to serving the needs of quality networks that feature adult content.
So much so we have created, a dedicated platform for mature
content networks. With a simple ”flick-of-a-switch” SocialGO networks can
transfer to Zocku with virtually zero disruption or effort.

For $49.99 per month, will give adult
network owners :

Premium dedicated support service
Dedicated US data centre

White labeling in emails, urls & throughout network

Use your own domain name

Dedicated owner’s community
Unconditional money
back guarantee*

Old SocialGO url traffic will be re-directed to your new Zocku
url for 3 months

No upload limits on all media

Access to all the upcoming premium features

Retain all your design, data, users & media

Identical functionality & interface*see note 5 for details

And for everyone that joins in February we will be giving
you FREE member billing and unlimited bandwidth and storage until the end of

All adult network owners will need to register before the 15th
February. To register your network click: Click here to register your network on

By introducing a dedicated system to mature content networks we
hope to provide an even better service to all of these networks - below you can
find out more about Zocku, including how to seamlessly switch from SocialGO to
Zocku, and also read about the pricing plan:

1. If you are interested in using Zocku
Zocku will initially be
available to Network Owners with existing SocialGO mature networks. Existing
SocialGO networks that wish to use the Zocku platform will be seamlessly moved
over by our technical team upon successful application and initial payment.
Network Owners do not have to do anything else!

Network Owners who wish to become early adopters of can apply
to transfer from SocialGO to Zocku by registering interest here. We will email
you within 48 hours of your application to advise when your network can be

If your network address was, it will become But
don’t worry, your old URL will redirect users for the next 3 months so you have
time to let your members know.

All transfers from SocialGO to Zocku are expected to take place prior
to 15 February 2009, after which SocialGO will no longer host networks with
mature content that is of a sexual nature.

2. If you are not interested in using Zocku

By providing a dedicated environment for
mature content at Zocku, SocialGO will soon no longer accept networks with
mature content that is of a sexual nature after 15 February 2009. Existing
SocialGO mature networks that do not wish to use the Zocku platform will have
the option to purchase a full Database Export of their site content and
membership data prior to a scheduled deactivation of any such network. Any
deactivation of a network will only occur with reasonable notice and within a
reasonable time period and never will a Network Owner be deprived of their data
or content.

3. When will Zocku be open to new networks?

For the time being priority will be given to Network Owners that have
already created quality mature networks on SocialGO and wish to transfer from
SocialGO to Zocku. We are planning to open Zocku to new networks from 15
February 2009. In the meantime mature networks can continue to join SocialGO for
FREE and then migrate over before 15 February 2009.

4. Will Zocku be fast and reliable?

Zocku will be a dedicated platform with its own totally dedicated
hosting infrastructure in the USA, plus a premium support team. It will be
exclusively for quality Owners of mature content networks that are interested in
paying for a quality service. It will not be weighed down by network owners that
are only interested in abusing the platform as

5. Can Network Owners be sure they’ll get quality service?

For your complete peace of mind we are offering an Unconditional Money
Back Guarantee whereby any Network Owner that is not happy within the first
month can get back everything they have paid to Zocku (excludes third party
widgets) with no questions asked.

6. Why would you want to pay for Zocku?

Apart from providing a high quality service exclusively for Owners of
networks with mature content, Zocku’s primary and future focus will be to
develop a platform that helps Network Owners monetize their networks so they can
create thriving and successful online businesses. We have many exciting
monetization tools in the pipeline.

7. How can network owners monetize their networks?

Already many Network Owners are using Member Billing to generate
considerable revenues from their network, for example many networks charge
members small monthly fees that more than cover any running costs. To help all
Network Owners monetize their networks we are giving away for FREE Member
Billing until 30 April 2009 if you join Zocku in February. We have also made Run
Your Own Advertising standard in the Zocku package, so you can monetize your
networks even further through advertising.

8. What happens with SocialGO?
Going forward SocialGO will operate
as a separate platform and for the time being remain in BETA. From 15
February 2009 SocialGO will soon no longer accept mature networks with content
of a sexual nature.
In the meantime mature networks can trial SocialGO,
but please bear in mind you will have to either migrate to Zocku or leave
SocialGO before the cut-off date.

9. The Zocku Pricing Plan

Zocku will provide Owners of networks with mature content with a
dedicated pricing package plus options.

Zocku Premium is a dedicated mature package that includes
labeling removes all references to Zocku (& SocialGO)
Run your own URL
so you have the option to call it what you want
Run your own advertising so
you can monetize your traffic
Premium support so you get rapid quality help
with any problem
7GB storage & 70GB bandwidth so you can build a big
network (7GB max bandwidth for video chat)
Plus loads of extra features,
developer tools & more see details below

Supporting the Zocku Package are the following options:
Billing allows you to charge your members a fee to access your network. Super
powerful and easy to get setup. You can make the payment optional or required,
regular or one-off - normally $19.99 monthly but FREE UNTIL APRIL 30 2009 (if
you join in February)

Storage and Bandwidth Blocks if your network is highly active -
normally $9.99 monthly (per block of 5GB storage & 50 GB bandwidth) but FREE
UNTIL APRIL 30 2009 (if you join in February)

10. How to Start Your Transfer
If you want to transfer your SocialGO
network to Zocku all you have to do to get started is click here and register
your interest. Once we have received your registration we will schedule your
transfer and send you a few simple instructions to initiate the transfer. We
will do everything from there, it could not be simpler!

Zocku Pricing & Features Table If
you have any further questions, please feel free to e-mail Tom at We look forward to
getting everyone up and running with Zocku, and thank you for all your support
so far!

Best Wishes,
Tom Chalet

Well, Tom, that you for not only creating another social ghetto for adults, especially those whose sexuality is a bit more advanced than, say, yours....but also RAPING them in the process.

Most of us barely have the money to access the damned net now, let alone cough up FIFTY F*CKING DOLLARS A MONTH! And trust me, Multiply, Yahoo, and others will be watching this to see how much they can kill us. And I do mean KILL....because this will FORCE you to Melba-toast your content....or you're gone.

And don't think places like erotic-community are any better. They don't believe in certain sexualities, lt alone having the standard-issue view of bisexuality (only for women, never for men).

As for me, I am done. I have a very small list of people and if I am kicked, I am not coming back. We can communicate for as long as possible until Bushbama decides its time we are a menace to national insecurity and spy on our phone calls and e-mails.

I told you for three years this sh*t was going to happen, no one listened...or thought I should lighten up

Now I am wondering how high the temperature will rise on you before you realize that you are a target.

(and this to a person who responded to this rant on Multiply that she would just cancel her groups on SocialGo...)

But then what? We still face the same problem.....people who's minds sexually are ahead of the curve either have to conform to the robots who run this planet.

When I first created Sybarite, I wanted to create a real-time network of people who, like me, had alternative views on sexuality (and other things). Eventually, I was hoping to create a real-time community of people of like mind.

And because I and others are honest about our passions, we are feared by the passionless. We are the ones we protect the young from, instead of being open with them and trusting them. We are the ones destroying society, yet more civilizations have been destroyed by violence and war than sex and passion.

We are the ones they fear, so they marginalize us, herd us in to "ghettos," and in some cases...such as SG, use the power of finance (and in some cases, our poverty), to force us to conform.

Well sorry, I don't feel like jumping your hoop, or conforming to your restricted standards. What you do not realize, erotophobes, is that a third and more complete sexual revolution has taken place. I have seen it come and develop for 25 years. It goes beyond Playboy and Larry Flynt. It goes beyond the acceptance of kink and BDSM as normal. It goes way beyond gay marriage. It is a challenging of many of the taboos we have created in the last few centuries.

In other words, anyone not falling into line should expect to be attacked...or ghetto-ized.

It is ironic that the British evangelical gave a quotation that pretty much sums up where I am on all this: "Only dead fish swim with the stream."

So.....are you dead yet?

Or, are you ready to start swimming?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I readyour blog post and your comments, but I don't get what you're ranting about.

As far as I can see Zocku DOES allow you go ahead and create a community between like-minded people, irrespective of whatever the shared passion is

I thought the point was that the group shares the costs, rather than the network owners pays it all.

If your member don't want to pay a couple of bucks a month to be part of it and share the cost, then ask yourself if they really want to be part of it, or if they are just parasites, taking what they can from you.

Why not discuss it with your members?

I'm not part of socialgo, by the way, just a member of one of the groups, where I'm quite happy to pay $2 a month when it's all set up.

I also pay $5 to play soccer with my friends every Wednesday and see that as pretty much the same thing