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Friday, February 20, 2009

Ben Burch Responds

Two days ago, I reported on the situation on Nova M here:

In that I referred to Ben Burch, OST's Chief Technical Officer as a "night janitor." Basically because that was MY job when I was working overnights at a automated station keeping it running.

Well, Mr. Burch did take offense to that, for which I truly, humbly apologize.

Here is Mr. Burch's response:

Now just a god-damned minute.I am the only online technical person here at
On Second Thought, and I am doing my best tokeep everything running, answer
thousands of emails, and change all the web sitestuff -even though I am a
servers guy and not a web designer.If you think you can do better, I invite you
to try.I have been keeping Liberal Talk Radio alive since 2002 because nobody
elsewould do it, andI am about fed up with fans who want everything now and
don't seem to know howmuchwork it is, or what it means to be doing this on an
absolute shoestring budget.-Ben Burch

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