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Saturday, November 08, 2008

SexWar: The Battle for Equality: Day 4

What bigotry has wrought.

Religious erotophobes nationwide are starting to feel the heat brought on by the passage of Proposition 8 in California. The amnedment to the states constitution relegates marriage to only a union between a male and a female, shutting out same-sex unions.

But instead of victory, those who allowed themselves to be swayed by a series of half-truths and outright lies are feeling a firestorm of rage by people who will not just sit docily and allow thier rights to evaporate.

In short, payback IS, indeed, a mutherf*cker.

In the land of Brigaham Young, non-hetosexuals and thier supporters are protesting the LDS Church as co-conspiritors in this travesty:

Opponents of a measure that banned gay marriage in California took their outrage to the spiritual hub of Mormonism on Friday.
More than 3,000 people swarmed downtown Salt Lake City to march past the LDS temple and church headquarters, protesting Mormon involvement in the campaign for California's Proposition 8. The measure, which defined marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman, passed this week.
A sea of signs in City Creek Park, where the march began, screamed out messages including, "I didn't vote on your marriage," "Mormons once persecuted . . . Now persecutors," and "Jesus said love everyone." Others read, "Proud of my two moms" and "Protect traditional marriage. Ban divorce."
Former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson and three openly gay state legislators, Sen. Scott McCoy and Reps. Jackie Biskupski and Christine Johnson, spoke out in support. At one point, the crowd took up the mantra made famous by the country's new president-elect: "Yes, we can!"
Then, the masses headed west, weaving between cars, waving at those who watched from windows in the LDS Church Office Building and shouting chants such as: "What do we want? Equality! When do we want it? Now!"
Across the street on North Temple, a group of about 50 - the majority not LDS members - defended the church's support of the successful ballot measure. "The people voted," they shouted at the protesters. "YOU are intolerant!"
Others screamed: "Marriage is between a man and woman. You'll never be a man and woman!"
Some marchers offered heated arguments to the counterprotesters, others responded by kissing their partners. The romantic moments were greeted with cheers.
Full story here:

Head of Focus-on-the-Freaks....errrrrr.....Family, James Dobson, also has blood on his hands for this....about $800,000 worth, which his group donated for the cause.

Now tonight (11/8) he is being inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame, an organization which, like so many others, seems to have been co-opted by the Clear Channel/Salem wing of the business. Dobson will be there to accept. And he'll have company....

CHICAGO - Focus on the Family's James Dobson spent $800,000 on Proposition 8 to stop gay people form marrying in California. Tonight, this dangerous ideologue will be inducted into the Museum of Broadcast Communication's Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago.

He will be met with a protest from outraged gay organizations at 5:30 PM this evening, November 8, outside of the Renaissance Chicago Hotel, 1 W. Wacker Drive (corner of Wacker & State).

"It is mind-blowing, that the Radio Hall of Fame would honor a primary leader of Proposition 8," said Wayne Besen, Executive Director of Truth Wins Out. "Dobson put his Media Empire and vast amounts of money into the service of denying equal marriage rights for same-sex couples. And, the Radio Hall of Fame reacts disgracefully by giving this demagogue a trophy."

"If Dobson had helped organize and fund a campaign to take away African American voting rights, he would be properly shunned as a hater,'" said Bob Schwartz of the Gay Liberation Network. "However, because the Museum of Broadcast Communications has chosen instead to honor Dobson, they apparently think it's okay to promote those who publicly organize discrimination against gays."

It is ironic that the Museum will be honoring a promoter of hate like Dobson, while at the same time many mourn the recent passing of journalistic legend Studs Turkel, whom the Museum never got around to honoring.

The campaign against the honoring of Dobson was initiated by the Gay Liberation Network ( and Truth Wins Out ( and, and endorsed by dozens of groups and individuals signing on to a series of full-page protest signature advertisements. Full story here:

And as protesters filled the streets in San Francsisco, Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Palm Springs, the city of Santa Cruz, CA may be taking a more forceful tact:

SANTA CRUZ -- City leaders could be joining other cities around the state in a lawsuit to challenge the passage of Proposition 8 -- the successful measure that took away the right of same-sex couples to marry -- on the grounds the measure is unconstitutional.

"It's an important issue and the city needs to play a role," said Mayor Ryan Coonerty, who hopes to bring the proposal before the City Council at its Nov. 25 meeting.

Coonerty said he was especially motivated to bring the issue up after hastily marrying gay couples last weekend and on Election Day that were worried they would not have the right to wed much longer.

"It's shocking that people are forced into these situations, where they're rushing to get married because they don't know what their legal status will be," Coonerty said. "It's shameful."

Voters on Tuesday overturned this year's state Supreme Court ruling that made gay marriage possible. Proposition 8 amends California's Constitution to define marriage as between a woman and a man.

Coonerty said the city would likely join a suit with leaders in San Francisco to argue that the proposition was illegal because it took away a fundamental constitutional right from a select group of people. Before such propositions can go to the ballot, supporters allege, the state Legislature must approve them. That did not happen. Full story here:

But what is really astonishing is the fact that those who voted yes on 8 really believed that those who had thier rights stolen would simply just crawl back into thier caves and leave us good 'phobes alone. Whites in Mississippi circa 1964 had that same idea. That was a crock then and it is now. To whit.....

Prop. 8 backers have been say they have been shocked at the vehemence of the reaction to their "Yes on Prop. 8" yard signs and bumper stickers. A woman, who asked to be identified as "Kathy in Pleasanton," because she fears retaliation, detailed a list of encounters.

"I've had eggs thrown at me, been accused of being a homophobe, and was even tailgated home from the Oakland airport (all the way to Pleasanton) by a man who cornered my car and screamed at me because of our 'Yes on 8' bumper sticker," she said. "I'm a small woman, it was late at night, so this was very frightening."

Ahhhh, Kathy.....maybe the reason you were being treated like a homophobe is, well.....YOU ARE A HOMOPHOBE!

Look, I do not want violence, and people should be left alone, but those who voted for this, and those who propogated the lies that lead to its passage have to realize the firestorm that is hitting you is one of your own making. People have simply had it with the mob trying to force thier standards and so-called morals on them.

And you know what you are fighting. First you nullify gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. Porn people are next, then the fetish folk, the swingers, others outside the norm. The finally the Grand Prize, those so-called normal people who happen to have sex outside of marriage, either by affair or committment, and finally those committed, monogamous people who commit the sin of having sex for purposes other than repopulating the race. Your main goal is to control the behavior of every living being on the planet

So now, we know the stakes. Total freedom or total enslavement. Tuesday was thier Pearl Harbor. But now all of us have to decide which side we will be on. There is not equivication. It is all or nothing. I choose freedom. And woe to those who chose the side of enslavement on Tuesday...and especially those whose lies pushed it through. Tuesday was not the end.....but the beginning.

1 comment:

Anthony Kennerson said...

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about.

Rather than just flame all Black folk as innate homophobes or lash out at anyone and everyone, focus your righteous rage at the folks who are really responsible.

Either everyone must be free and equal and human...or no one can be. There is no middle ground here.

Kick their asses. And dry up their wallets.

I'm a straight progressive pro-sex Black man, and I approve this message.


P.S.: My entire take on this matter is here.