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Friday, October 03, 2008

I did not know how deep it went.....

Last night at work, my eyes were opened to how deep and wide this phobia we seem to have is.

There is a supervisor where I work. I do not thing I would be exaggerating whenI say she is one of the most impossibly beautiful women I have ever met. Perfect skin, long red hair, the whole 9 yards. Married, two beautiful children. I like her.

Or at least I did until last night.

The discussion last night turned to an Amendment to the California constitution that would say that marriage should only be between one man and one woman. As a bisexual man, I am opposed to this. The two supervisiors were arguing the point. The female supervisor I mentioned was for 8. She could not see how a clergyman could marry two men or two women. She as adamant about this (please excuse any typos).

It was then I piped up and mentioned that it was not to long ago that two people of different races could not marry in many places could not marry. The woman was agast. She could not believe it...but it is true.

Bigots as late as the 60's (and maybe even now) used Bible scripture as reasons to ban the "mixing of the races," aka miscegenation. And using that.....and just plain bigotry, they codified it into law:

Verses in Genesis, Deuteronomy, Joshua, and Judges have been interpreted as saying that God demanded that ther would be no intermarrying of peoples of different races or faiths ( In fact, there seems to be more said against interracial relationships than same-sex relationships in the good book (

I mentioned that, and the fact that the Bible does not look kindly towards, say married women with children who work outside the home. Did not matter, she said that same-sex marriage was wrong.....why?.....because it said so in the Bible....and?.....that's it.

And then I realized, that if she knew I was bisexual, whatever feelings she had towards me would change. So I clocked out, said nothing, but was more than a bit saddened by the bigotry I witnessed.

And I do not use the term "bigotry" lightly. I reserve it, not just for those who wear the sheets, but for people too ignorant to see that in a religeous-neutral world, it should not matter what gender....or, hell, even the number of people (among a lot of other things) who commit to each other.

Maybe they are afraid that people of alternative sexualities would be more successful at this committment thing than straight people (considering that the diovorce rate nationwide still hovers around 50%, and that the one state where same-sex marriage is legal, Massachusetts, has the lowest divorce rate in the nation, maybe thier fears are justified!).

I do know that what is truly right, and that is that everyone should have the same freedoms as others. Especially sexual freedoms. That if we stop fearing, we might be more well-adjusted, saner, happier.

Meanwhile, tonight, I shall pray for my friends enlightenment. And everyone else's.

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