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Saturday, September 27, 2008

We gotta get off the air.......

Remember when TV and radio stations went off the air every night. Some still do.

Here's a collection of old and new signoffs (closedowns fror our friends in the UK and the Netherlands)

First, here is the current sign-off for KBCW 44 Cable 12 in the San Francisco Bay Area. They currently sign-off at about 4 AM for about 1 hour while the station does maintenence. NOTE: During the sign-off, KBCW accidentally switches to KPIX's signal which carries CBS' Overnight News Program, "Up To the Minute" with former KGPE-TV anchor Meg Oliver for a few minutes. Afterwards, the STMPE Color Bars and Tone come on with the stations call letters on the lower thirds. (c) 2008 KBCW-TV/CBS Television Stations All Rights Reserved. No Infringement is intended.

This is the devotion and sign-off for CBS Flagship WCBS-TV/New York. Yes it's 1977. Not the BIG 'stache...

Here is KTUL-TV 8 in Tulsa closing down for the night, with what SHOULD be our National Anthem sung as it should be (God bless you, Ray!)

WBKO/Bowling Green closes out with "My Old Kentucky Home...."

And finally, in this round, a rarity: the audio from WLW-C/Columbus, OH's sign of from 1956! There were slides that were added, many of them from the same vintage.

One final sigoff/closedown. This is how the BBC ended operations on the night that Diana, Princess of Wales, was killed.

Good night.

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wbhist said...

The sign-off (and sign-on) of WCBS-TV on that 1977 clip was handled by Pat Connell, who became the first African-American staff announcer of any major broadcast network when he was hired by CBS in 1960 to be a part of its New York announcing staff. He remained with the network well into most of the 1980's, probably even the early '90's.

WCBS was also steadfast in maintaining its classic "CBS style" test pattern, in contrast to at least two of its sister stations (WBBM-TV in Chicago and KNXT, now KCBS-TV, in Los Angeles) that, by the time of this 1977 aircheck, had forsaken such a test pattern design for the more "modern" electronic color bars.