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Monday, September 29, 2008

Off the grid

I am writing this (or at least starting to write this) on 9.29.08 at about 1:08pm PST.

It is possible that within one month from now, the government will be allowed to force me to marry someone I do not want to marry.

It is definite that, depending on who, I may not be able to fall in love with whoever based on a lot of things.

I am constantly reminded that I will, forever be tied to an economic system that regards me as, pretty much, a turd. The kind of turd, though, depend on who you talk to.

People running for office cannot come up with any solutions, or at best, the same old one-liners that do not work anymore.

Oh, did I mention today was the first day of the Great Depression of 2008?

Am I the only one who feels like this?


Then maybe we can do something about all this, together......or separately.

Now before I say anything, I need to mention this. I am not advocating the breaking of laws, though I know that many who are reading this may be, shall we say social, political, or even....dare I say it...sexual outcasts in this society. And I know that many who read this may not be in line with a lot of things others who read this are line up with.

But most of us agree on one thing.

It's time to get off the grid.

These are ideas. Some you might not agree with. Sorry....we are in a situation where you may be forced to conform. You need to be mobile and flexible in more ways than one.

That means, first, you need to be financially flexible. You need to start learning how money works and how you can make it work for you. For some, it will be a challenge, but you need to know how to do it, because...ultimately....if you are NOT mobile, you may very well be screwed in the place you are.

You might want to invest in the following:

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki. You may also want to get the companion Cashflow Quadrant.

  • The Financial Guidebook and Women & Money by Suze Ormond

There are many more, but you get the idea. Learn about money. How to grow it. How to use it. How to stop bitching about not having any.

In addition, add sites like and to your bookmarks.

Be smart when spending money. Know your power: we stopped buying gas and the impossible happened: the price of gas continues to go down, even as the price of oil has been going up. You have more power than you have. Use it.

Your next car should be a hybrid. Preferably a Hybrid SUV.

Start storing food. I'm not saying become a survivalist, but invest in a freezer and start storing meat. For any canned goods you get, store some away. You are gathering nuts for the winter. And it will be a cold one.

Start looking for land. Especially if you are an "outcast." You may want to find some place out of the way. Remember anything can be delivered. Investigate satellite TV, radio, and Internet. Ditto solar energy. Remember: goal 1 is to get off line as much as possible.

Oh, and by the way: PAY YOUR TAXES. If you are getting smart with money you may be making more of it, so write the check. Don't, there will be snoopin'.

And one more thing: if someone comes to you with an idea for creating money, like a businees, don't shine them on so fast. Many opportunities, such as Avon, Amway Global, and Herbalife, have been very successful. I know many of the people in these organizations are pretty much on the conservative side. Remember, you are not doing these things to engage in lively conversation. You are doing these things to save your ass. And what ever it takes, do. At least do the do diligence and have an open mind.

Now that we have covered financial, political:

Step one: vote.

Step two: see step one.

I may not be happy with what is out there. I certainly am not. But remember what I said...everything you are doing is to save your ass. And you can't do that with things that will not go into fruition. Look at VIABLE candidates....those that have at least a 50% shot at winning (sorry NaderFan, its not going to happen). Put ideology aside and find the ones who come closest to how you feel about things. Work for that candidate. Then if he/she wins....ride them like a bronco....or a hot lover (or maybe they are one in the never know). Ask direct questions. Stay informed ( for starters). Do not let them off the hook.

In terms of being informed, read. Fill yourselves not just with people you agree with bit people you do not. Remember most of the sheeple are people who are ON the grid, and you are trying to get off.

I do want to make one thing clear....when I say "off the grid," again, I am not talking about some rustic existence in the woods someone in Oregon, though for some, it may be a real option. But what I AM saying is that if you continue to stay on the grid, you will be exposing yourself to things like the market crash of today and other things that may effect your live adversely, especially if your views on certain thing lay outside of the mainstream.

Which leads to my final suggestion. Network to find others like you. Not just "friend collectors" on social sites, but people you can confide in, who you can care for and they care for you. People who will not flinch when you talk about your life because they may have had the same experiences too. And there maybe be more than you think.

Know who your friends are. Ask questions. If you get "that funny feeling," walk away,

But if you find that person, stay with him/her/them. Find a way to stay in contact off line, for the wrong thing said can get a person kicked of of places like Multiply and MySpace.

And you are going to need friends in the next 10 years.

Stick together

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