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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Brain droppings for 9.2.08

I hope you guys had a happy Labour Day. I didn't.

*Memo to the brain trusts at Yahoo, Multiply, Google, News Corp/MySpace, etc: Stop deleteing my friends. It irritates me so, and since some of us are beginning to learn how to make money, we may some day buy your sorry asses.

If we pervs/free-thinkers/evolved ever left your wonderful sites, that would be really hard to explain to your advertisers why your memberbship rolls dropped, say 20%. And to those advertisers who capitulate to the Righteous Flock, just remember: WE have other choices too. And WE will start using them if YOU do not cater to US.

*The age of consent in Alaska is SIXTEEN. Please get off Sarah's back on this one. Thank you.

*If the jerk who divorced your sister was still on the payroll, YOU'D fire him too. Please get off Sarah's back on THAT one too.

*She wants to drill in Anwar. Stay on Sarah's back on that one till it breaks.

*New Orleans was spared. The rest of Louisiana was not. Everyone did thier jobs well. Seems lessons were learned. Thank God.

*Have you noticed the new trend between Obama and's civility and respect. Here's hoping the conservativeliberals learn it.

*Who created that set for the GOP convention, Chuck at Home Depot?

Love you all


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