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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Swift-Boating of Barack Obama

It has begun.

The Armageddonist/NeoCon/NeoXian right has finally begun their big push to eliminate Barack Obama as a threat to thier nefarious goals.

This weekend, the Neos attacked on two fronts. One directly and the other indirectly (IMHO). The fact that these attacks seem to be launched simultaneously reflects on the fact that the Neos are now in full panic mode. Panicked that not only are thier phony-baloney positions are threatened, but that Obama would actually go after them with gusto.

The website Real Clear Politics gives the Neos a concrete picture of their nightmare. Thier current (as of 8/11/08) electoral map shows that, even with a sea or red, and a solid south and right-west, Obama has in his pocket 309 electoral votes to McCain's 229, more than enough to win the election. The popular vote does not bode well for the Neos, either. As RCP's snapshot shows, even though it looks awash in a sea of red, Obama seems to have the blue states that count. Predictions of massive voter turnouts by blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities dot not help either.

In short, the Neos are navigating through that well-known brown river without a paddle. Upstream. Against a headwind.

The various smear campaigns are not working. Reverend Wright. Obama's faith. His lack of a jingoistic patriotism. What usually works for the Neos is not working now. And on top of that, Obama has been smart enough to start a website designed specifically to counter any new smears that come up, almost within hours.

Which leads us to the birth certificate.

There seems to be a question about where and when Obama was born. Neos like Michelle Malkin and others have had a problem trying to find it in the public record. "A-HA! A red flag we can use!" But Obama placed a birth certificate on his Fight the Smears page. Almost immediately the Neos strike. Larry Johnson, a muckraker who previously an video of Michelle Obama saying pretty unpatriotic and racist things (and we are still waiting for that one), says that some blogger who calls him/herselff "TechDude" has called the birth certificate image a phony ( Since then, Neo talkhosts and websites have gone batty over this, not to mention the loose network of YouTubers akin to the one that let loose on John Kerry during his Swift Boat troubles.

So basically, if you cannot defeat him by challenging the issues, bombard him with bullsh*t.

It worked on Kerry. Kerry was in about the same place as Obama in 2004, but the Swift Boaters came in, charging him with pretty much lying about his Purple Heart. The charges themselves proved to be lies, but with Kerry's milquetoast-like response, the damage was done.

What they are trying to do is give red meat to the red staters, saying that, in reality, Obama was not a true born citizen, and as such, is ineligible for the Presidency. To be fair, John McCain has a similar problem: he was born in the Panama Canal Zone, but he may have been born before it became an American possession. Which, of course, shoots down the Neos arguments, since..if Barry/Barack was born BEFORE Hawaiian statehood, he's still be a citizen because Hawaii was a possession of the USA.

But the point is clear: keep Obama busy with bullsh*t, allowing a inferior opponent controlled by NeoXian Armageddonists to waltz into the White House again.

But that was the frontal attack. There was also the backdoor siege this weekend.

By know you know that John Edwards did the horizontal bop with a hottie that was not his hottie, but ailing wife. The National Enquirer has been trying to link a newborn daughter of film maker Rielle Hunter with Edwards. Edwards admitted that he did have an affiar with her two years ago, but it ended. If true, that would set a world record for gestation. Edwards told his wife, she forgave him, and they are happy. Rielle also refused to feed the smear machine by saying she would not participate in a DNA test to provide the Enquirer with the Maury moment that they wanted.

The result: even liberal bloggers and talkhosts have said Edwards was through. That fibbing about something they thought should have been private pretty much killed him politically.

But a question arises. Why now?

The Enquirer, which was founded in part with Mafia money, has always had a bit of a right-ward bent. They probably had the story when Edwards was running. He will still have a healthy number of delegates coming into Denver. Why didn't they use the info then? (yes they did run articles in 2007, but they really did not ramp it all up until now)

A whiff of morals? We ARE talking the Enquirer, here.

But think about this: before all this started, Edwards was the main name linked to and Attorney General's job under an Obama adminstration. He had been pretty fearless going after corporations as a litigation lawyer, and many feel that Edwards is...or would have been...the closest this country had come to a new Bobby Kennedy...someone who would, without fear, go out and get the bad guys.

Guys like, say, anyone who would start an illegal war with trumped-up false evidence. For starters.

So if you are, say, the Neo cabal, and you are seeing what appears to be an inevitable Obama victory, the very least you'd want to do is to neutralize any problems that might, say, send you to jail for 50 years....or in front of a firing squad.

Problems like a crusading Attorney General, say.

As Lewis Carroll would say, "curiouser and curiouser..."

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