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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Quick hits: Obama v. Warren

Some quick hits on Rick Warren's Q and A with Barack Obama that just finished moments ago (6:03pm PDT 8.16.08):
Obama almost had to say that he was not for gay marriage. Though I would have loved for him to say that, the reaction he got by saying the Standard Issue Marraige Line assured him he would get out of the O. C. in one piece. Literally.
Is Warren trying to set up his OWN Presidential aganda for '12? I mean.....and emergency initiative to save all the orphans? Where's Rick going to find all the parents?
Warren impresses me as a good interviewer. He pretty much put his cards on the table and Obama played it well.
Nice move at the end when Warren got both Obama and McCain on the same stage. I also liked Obama saying "go get 'em" as they faded to black. I would have liked it more if I knew he said it to McCain.
Obama handled himself well. Wished he did'nt cock his head to one side as he answed questions.
Good point that Obama made that we as a country should set the example and not do things like, say, condone torture.
I grade Obama a B+
I hope to post some quick hits later.

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