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Monday, August 04, 2008

The AntiChrist?

This morning I was listening to Thom Hartmann mention this, and I thought "finally somebody is figuring things out."

Hartmann mentioned that the Republicans, sneaky as they are, are going to appeal to scared uber-Xians. You know, the ones who had thier "second coming" foiled twice, once when Russia decided that Communism was not that great a deal after all, and again in 2000, when the Y2K bug decided to stay in on New Years Eve and watch Dick Clark.

The message is very simple: Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ.

No joke.

Don't believe me? First, the latest ad from the McCain camp:

Then there is Hal Lindsay, whose predictions about the Worlds End have been as accuate as Dick Cheney's shotgun aim:

And the videos keep coming.....some with too much time on thier hands...

And some with much too much time on thier hands...

Of course, some will backaway from this foolishness....

But the drum beat will go on. And remember, these Armageddonists who help get Bush elected and now control him are the same one behind this idotcy. Because thier Vahalla is more imprtant than anythig, and they will do anything to achieve it.


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