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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Eat At McDonald''s why!

It's not because the food's that good. It's good, but not that good.

It's not because the food's cheap. Actually, for 99c, you can get a bigger burger than that double cheese.

It is because that friend of equality, Rev. Donald Wildmon has called a boycott on the Golden Arches.

Dearest God....

Part of this started last year when MickeyD's ran an ad in support of SF Pride. And for No-Neck. this, of course you know, means war-ah!

AFA has put a petition a site they created called On it, it states.....

What the boycott of McDonald's IS NOT about:
*This boycott is not about
hiring homosexuals.
*It is not about homosexuals eating at McDonald's.
*It is not about how homosexual employees are treated.

What the boycott of McDonald's IS about
*It is about McDonald's, as
a corporation, refusing to remain neutral in the culture wars. (what do
you mean by "neutral, Donny Dear???") McDonald's has chosen not to remain
neutral but to give the full weight of their corporation to promoting the
homosexual agenda, including homosexual marriage.

Yeah, I'll have some fries with that I-do!

They have an online petition, and a paper petition you can download. They have also posted a letter written to Wildmon by Pat Harris, Global Chief Diversity Officer (whaaaa?) of McDonald's. On it he quotes McDonald's founder Ray Kroc: " "Our founder Ray Kroc once said, ’None of us is as good as all of us.’........this is a core value of McDonald's."

To which our No-Necked friend replies "phiffle" to that values rubbish. Don't they know what we did to Ford???? ( sales dropped even more steeply after the AFA boycott, showing there were big problems under the Blue Oval before that....Wildmon just co-opted it and just called it his doing!). And let's not talk about those sodomite-lovers at DISNEY! Why things are so bad there that Wall-E is the number one movie in America, millions more are watching ESPN, and ABC's has hist like "Wipeout," "How I Survived..," and that dancing show...and don't forget "High School Musical!"

Well, maybe THAT boycott didn't work out either.

The fact is that Donald Wildmon is on his period again and he won't stop until every ho-mo-s*x-u-wul in A-mer-ree-kah is denied their Big Macs.

(Though I do know that some have taste for.......wait for it........Whoppers!)

And if it is Wildmon's want to boycott all pro-gay businesses.....his robotic followers will be doing without a lot.

From the HRC's Corporate Equality Index:

  • Financial: Allianz, American Express, Capital One, Chubb, JP Morgan Chase, Metlife
  • Food: Pepsico, Kraft, General Mills, Coca-Cola,
  • Drink: Anhuser-Busch
  • Cars and trucks: Ford, GM, Chrysler, and VW
  • Heck, even Mac and PC are on the same page!
  • Here is the full index for 2008:

In fact, the HRC says that there is a 41 percent increase in the number of gay-friendly businesses for 2008.

And yes, just as we asked you to buy Fords during all this, we are asking you to circumvent this bozo's clowning by buying all the McRibs, Big Macs, McNuggets, and McMuffins you can eat (lay off the Southern Fried Chicken sandwiches, though. IMHO, they taste......well....funny).

Look Donny, I know it sucks to be on the losing end. Hey, I'm a Lakers fan. But, as a piece token, my brother, hows about a nice Angus Third Pounder on me, huh?


Then, it's on. Again.


The current exModians said...

Oh sweetie...

It's so easy to take this site down. All we have to do is rush the site with responses and bring their bandwidth crashing to a halt. I'll make sure I bring this up on my blog.

In the meantime...I singed the petition as Mybig Fatgayasshole. Let's just say that should call into question the validity of a fair share of the signatures on that petition.

Kisses from the Missus

Miss LuLu

Don P. said...

First Lulu, great blog!

Second, I would have to beg you NO on taking the site down. It serves no purpose, other than to validate the impression that these vermin have about those who are against them. Plus, it is censorship, and if you go through this little blog of mine, you know that the First Amenedment to me is as sacred as the Bible, and whick means it covers everyone. Including Donald Wildmon. And Miss Lulu.

HOwever, the fun part is to see this bogot stew in his own juices. What I did not tell you is that Wildmon had a wild hair up his ass about Ford for three years. When he claimed "victory" earlier this year when Ford pulled some ads from the Advocate, it was because of Ford's ongoing money problems...toomanyf150itis.

In fact, go back to many of the blogs I have done here and at You will find that I spent much time lovingly going over all those sales figures Wildmon was cheering. It seems that if you take our truck sales (and they wish they did), many Ford models, inclusing the Edge, had an INCREASE in sales. In fact, one month, not too long ago, Ford actually made a PROFIT.

Pretty effective boycott, say what?

This time, though, Wildmon has picked on, well the closest thing to God we have corporatly. McDonald's is as entwined in American cultrure as baseball, apple pie, and lesbian porn. It has survived beef scares, documentaries, health food crazes. People may put off buying cars but they have to eat.

But on top of that, Ronald McDonald seems ready to take this guy on. They are not backing off one bit. And if people support other words, keep Big Macs, Donald Wildmon will wind up looking like Matthew Harrison Brady near the end of "Inherit the Wind....a broken self-parody.

In the meantime, you might want to bone up (no pun intended!) on how serious McDonalds is about diversity at the website: Also you can send them a nice, respective e-mail supporting them in all this here:

And as I said, buy LOTS of Big Macs. And be sure to tell them why.

Thanks for stopping by and tell friends about this. And visit a sponsor or two while you're here. The price of McNuggets have gone up, ya know. ;-)