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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Imus, again.

Gabcast! polyblog #29 - Imus Strikes Again

During an on-air conversation Monday about the arrests of suspended Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones, Imus asked, "What color is he?" Told by sports announcer Warner Wolf that Jones is "African-American," Imus responded: "There you go. Now we know."

And as usual, the dumb-dumbs who populate the soundbyte world went on a spree....."IMUS IS A RACIST....IMUS SHOULD BE FIRED!" Forner Guradian Angel head-turned talk show host Curis Silwa wants Imus to retire. Of course this guy, who is more racist than the I-man will EVER be, used to have the slot Imus has now, how we know how unbiased HIS ass is....

Your friendly, neighborhood polybi has a few comments of his own.....(roll tape)

Now this morning, Imus explained the segment, with a point I had not thought of.....

There you go. He's done with it, but I am sure this will continue. One hopes that Citidel/ABC and RFD hang with him.

As for Mr. Jones, I have this for him....if you think Don Imus is a racist, do us a favor: STOP GIVING HIM AMMUNTION!


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