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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Hell of Fred Phelps

Well, funky Freddy, the head of the Westboro Baptist Church, has shown that he is the dried up turd we all believe he is.

Went to his website today, just to see what Funky Freddy and his butt-ugly daughter though of all them sod-do-mites getting hicthed.

Sure enough, the protest happned this morning in "Hell-bound" San Francisco. He also has a pretty full plate: several military funerals, the Chinese embassy, and the funeral of...Tim Russert.

That's right, Tim Russert.

I know it's freedom of speech, and you know how I feel, but that does not stop me from criticizing someone who abuses it. Liek Funky Freddy.

Ahhh, but the WBC is headed to China for the Olympics to picket there. The nice thing is all that freedom of speech and religeon we love here in the good old USA....that doesn't go in China. Lets see how G.H.F's goes in China. Heh Heh

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Anonymous said...

You're not kidding! My children and I recently returned from Omaha, Nebraska, to attend the funeral of one of the boys killed in that tragic tornado that ripped through the Little Sioux Boy Scout Camp in Little Sioux, Iowa. He was our neighbor when we lived in Omaha several years ago and such a sweet boy.

As we approached the church, there were the Phelpses, holding up these disgusting signs that read, "Thank God for dead boy scouts," "Don't worship the dead" and, "God hates America." I wasn't paying attention at first because I was looking for the church. I just thought they were advertising a sale or something. My children were the ones who read it first. They asked, "Mom, why are those people holding signs thanking God that our friend is dead"? I had to look twice because I couldn't believe my eyes! Who does that? It's bad enough that these evil people protest funerals of our service men and women but, a child's funeral? Now that I read more about this psycho, I know why there were so many "bikers" lined up as people walked into the church. I wonder when someone is going to go nuclear on these people as they stand so heartlessly out in front of these poor grieving people's churches.

They are wackos for sure but, what can be done to make them go away?