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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Confederation of Cowards

The video posted above is Ohio Democratic Representive Dennis Kucinich introducting 35 articles of impeachement against President George Walker Bush.

There has been much said in the liberal blogosphere about this being about time and such. I hate to say this, but this comes several years too late.

Bush is guilty of war crimes on a par with Adolph Hitler. I do not use that comparison lightly, nor should it ever. The crimes that Hitler and his minions perpertrated on the German people and others go beyond unspeakable. But how else could you portray Abu Ghrahib, Guantanamo, the response to the 9/11 attacks, and other things. Not to mention the attacks on the various freedoms we thought we enjoyed, but, seemingli, took for granted.

And these crimes continue to this day, from a President saying outright that he can break the law as he sees fit because he is the President, down to a justice department breaking down the door of a porn producer, guns flashing, simply because he did not film his sex scenes with the right amount of Vasiline on the lens.

This man should have been dealt with long ago. These articles should have been read in the record long ago.

By people like Clinton. And Obama. And Paul. And Pelosi or Reed. Or Kennedy. The cowardace of these salons and others have allowed the crimes of those controlling Bush, and who seek to control McCain to continue unabated.

It is also the cowardace of the people in general for not recognizing that not only did the emprorer wore no clothes, but that he also reeked from the stench of his transgressions.

Last nights action, such as it an empty chamber in the middle of the night, with only C-SPAN observing...will probably sit on Pelosi's desk and nothing will be done.

And meanwhile, we will continue to allow this war criminal to rape and pillage our Constitution, doing nothing to stop him. After all, nothing should spoil our enjoyment of the NBA Playoffs, should it?

Maybe Rev. Wright was right after all.

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